Review Policy

*Please read this entire post before sending me anything*

I do accept review copies, but be aware I also reserve the right to not blog an item due to personal taste or time constraints.  Before sending me anything at least take a look at a few posts to see if your creations and my various styles (urban, casual, goth, lolli/dolly, visual kei, fantasy, etc) mesh at all.

If you do decide to send me anything please include a landmark, or a Marketplace link along with anything else I need to know about the item (sale, hunt, special location, etc.) on a notecard.  Send all items to: Xari Xofan

Please do not send me items for furry, kiddie, Petites, or any other specialty avatars unless you’ve seen that avatar in a post somewhere on here because I most likely don’t have them.  Also, no items that I need a mesh ass or mesh breasts for as I have neither.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled program and thank you for reading.  =D

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