Seriously, GO!

Sassy Kitty Designs is one of my favorite stores, she has something for pretty much everyone.  With all these fall and winter hunts going on I thought I’d show you just a few of the hunt gifts to be found in her store, but hurry because some of the hunts end the 30th.

This is from the I ❤ Purple hunt, the booties are included.  The hair is Melissa from LOGO, and the fatpack is still free in the hair section.

This is the Fashion Autumn Hunt gift, also comes with the boots.  Hair is Honey from lamb in powder, not free.  The skin is one of the many Lionheart skins Plastik sent out to their group members last night, and yes there was a box of male skins too  =D

This adorable outfit is from the With Love… hunt, which just started yesterday.  This hunt is not free, but $10 per prize isn’t bad at all considering what you would normally pay.  Outfit comes complete with boots and vest.  Click the hunt poster at the store to get a full LM and hint list.  Tattoo is the newest release from Little Pricks/Skin Deep, Tale of Heartache.


New Piercings, Free Hair and Eyes

Ellabella has released 7 new facial piercing sets, the Homeostasis series.  Starting with this series she has not only changed her ad style, but options as well.  The Homeostasis series are all scripted with 50 different texture options and each set now comes with two female and one male fitting for chin, mouth, and nose attachment points.  If none of these fittings are exactly right for you Ellantha still offers custom fittings if you don’t have the time or inclination to mess with the edit menu.  In the picture below I am wearing Homeostasis 2 with the raw silver texture.

Colors has this hat/hair for free in 11 colors, 2 styles (I am wearing the longer hair) and the hat does have 10 texture options.  While you’re here pick up the MHOH gift, on til December 20th, for 2 more free hairs.

KMADD/MaDesigns also has their MHOH gift out which contains these eyes, along with 2 other sets and three hairs. Just look for the big orange male symbol in their store.  Oddly enough I don’t even see then on the MHOH 5 page, so past hunt gift still out maybe?