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Valentine’s Day… Massacre?

More things to show you before Valentine’s Day is here and over with.

Yes, Plastik has Valentine editions out, and quite a few can be worn after Valentine’s Day too.  =D  Outfits from left to right are Valerian Emblazoned – Promises (includes shorts), Ambrice – St. Valentine (includes a “scant” version), and Courtesan – Masquerade (includes arm and leg wraps).  The hair in the middle is from (Red) Mint, No. 06 from the dark reds pack.  This is the hair that includes these elf ears.  Makeup in the middle is also from Plastik, Soul Ink – Goth.  Makeup on the right is no longer available as just as an alpha layer to my knowledge.

The skin worn with all three outfits is a Valentine’s special sneak peek at the upcoming Spirit line from Heartsick.  It’s available in 4 tones, each tone coming with different colored brow options, freckles, cleavage, and even medium cleavage.  I am wearing the palest tone called Illusion.  Each tone with all these options is only $60, but they probably won’t be up long so grab them quick!

And now on to the Massacre part of this post!

This is the only way I can deal with the impending doom that is Valentine’s Day sometimes, so here it goes.

DressValentine Diva Hunt gift from Sassy Kitty Designs (comes with many more options)

Bloody Valentine – is the My Depraved Valentine Hunt prize from NeverM0re (includes bloody arms, “Mine Always” bloody writing, and 4 poses with beating, bloody hearts)

MakeupCheap Makeup, Miss Priss Lipstick 9

Skin – no longer available

Picture taken at Little Heaven

Is it Valentine’s Day yet?

OMG, is it here yet?  It better hurry up before my inventory explodes into pink fluff.  =P  I’ve been picking at the Depraved Valentine Hunt so I thought I’d show you a few things. First is the Dimpled piercing, part of the prize from HoD.  The MDV tattoo is the prize from Insanya, comes in regular and worn versions.  Lastly, in this post anyway, is the Hot Pink Heart Dress from Razorblade Jacket, includes gloves and socks. For more information on this hunt and others please click my Hunt Listing at the top of this blog.

Oh, you want to know who my little friend in the picture is?  This is my early Valentine’s Day present and newest creation from BelleBelle called In Love With a Daisy.  Not only is it adorable, but it also comes with 4 sitting animations.  Thank you Leyla!  =D

Now, on to everything else in the pic!

Hairlamb, Bang Bang

BlindfoldIllusions, Silk Blindfold

Ears(Red) Mint, Down Royal Fae Elf Ears (only available with hair no. 06)

Makeup – Pididdle @ Kozmetika, Lip Lacquer – What A Lush

Skin – was in The Serial Killer Hunt from Plastik (no longer available)

JewelryLouLou&Co, Crepuscule Choker and Bracelets (this choker is from a hunt and no longer available, but she does a sell a version that matches the bracelets)

Boots – previously blogged

Another Christmas Outfit Made Creepy =P

This one is courtesy of Rotten Toe, Santa’s Helper Teddy Maker outfit.  It comes complete with dress, hat, ears, shoes, and stockings.  There’s also a green and white striped shirt included which I’m not wearing. To get this outfit either go to the store and join the group for $15 to get the dress free or go buy it on The Marketplace for $50.

Nipple tape, tattoo, skin, and make-up alpha layer no longer available (past hunt gifts).  Hair has already been blogged, it’s from Anaphora. Eyes are from Plastik, Haunt Collection – Witchy Woman.

No, Really I Need All This Hair!!

So, yesterday was apparently my day to run across a bunch of hair I really love.

The top two are from Anaphora (new place to me at least, thanks Depraved Christmas hunt  =D ).  The top left is Bro which comes in a free 3 pack for A Very Depraved Christmas hunt.  While I was there I saw Mayhem (top right) and had to have the “OuttaDaNorm” color pack.

Bottom left is the newest release from lamb, Wild Nothing in the “Bloods” color pack.  The link is to her new mainstore so go take a look, the sim looks like a little italian piazza in autumn.

Bottom right is the Stumblebum Brigade exclusive from Shag.  Sparks is only available in this 3-color pack til Dec. 17th.  I’m wearing Cashmere, but you also get Toffee and Fever, three colors that never show up in the regular color packs.  There is also a style up for men so grab the demos and buy them before they’re gone.

New release from Plastik =D

Plastik has released Minimalist Bands. These are sold in packs of two and remind me of the Ambrice dresses except these have neat cutouts and no corset option.  I am wearing the Cobalt/Nou pack, mix n match as you want.

Other Stuff

HairMagika, A in white

Necklace (that you can’t really see that well  =P) – Fusion, from the With Love…Hunt

Bracelet – Fusion, part of the Feathered Necklace set (not free)

Tattoo – no longer available

Skin – Plastik, Christmas ’10 skin – Tribe makeup (already been blogged just different makeup)

PoseDiesel Works, ZombiePopcorn 3 gift

With Love…

I’m kind of liking all this fall and winter stuff from the hunts going on right now.  I don’t normally wear the browns and pastels so it’s something different to play around with for me. So, now an outfit from the With Love…Hunt. Touch any poster for this hunt to receive an LM & hint list, constantly updated via server.

Cashmere sweater dress and tights are the gift from DeeTalez, $10

Scarf and corduroy shorts are part of the gift from JustB, and come in both male and female versions.  I did mod the cuffs to take out the ruffles so they’ll go with just about anything  =D  $10

The hair is Lovelier Girl from lamb, not free and not in the hunt.

Seriously, GO!

Sassy Kitty Designs is one of my favorite stores, she has something for pretty much everyone.  With all these fall and winter hunts going on I thought I’d show you just a few of the hunt gifts to be found in her store, but hurry because some of the hunts end the 30th.

This is from the I ❤ Purple hunt, the booties are included.  The hair is Melissa from LOGO, and the fatpack is still free in the hair section.

This is the Fashion Autumn Hunt gift, also comes with the boots.  Hair is Honey from lamb in powder, not free.  The skin is one of the many Lionheart skins Plastik sent out to their group members last night, and yes there was a box of male skins too  =D

This adorable outfit is from the With Love… hunt, which just started yesterday.  This hunt is not free, but $10 per prize isn’t bad at all considering what you would normally pay.  Outfit comes complete with boots and vest.  Click the hunt poster at the store to get a full LM and hint list.  Tattoo is the newest release from Little Pricks/Skin Deep, Tale of Heartache.

New Piercings, Free Hair and Eyes

Ellabella has released 7 new facial piercing sets, the Homeostasis series.  Starting with this series she has not only changed her ad style, but options as well.  The Homeostasis series are all scripted with 50 different texture options and each set now comes with two female and one male fitting for chin, mouth, and nose attachment points.  If none of these fittings are exactly right for you Ellantha still offers custom fittings if you don’t have the time or inclination to mess with the edit menu.  In the picture below I am wearing Homeostasis 2 with the raw silver texture.

Colors has this hat/hair for free in 11 colors, 2 styles (I am wearing the longer hair) and the hat does have 10 texture options.  While you’re here pick up the MHOH gift, on til December 20th, for 2 more free hairs.

KMADD/MaDesigns also has their MHOH gift out which contains these eyes, along with 2 other sets and three hairs. Just look for the big orange male symbol in their store.  Oddly enough I don’t even see then on the MHOH 5 page, so past hunt gift still out maybe?