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I’m a hair junkie with sexxxy jeans! =D

OMG more hair I ❤

This is Misfit from Shag, in the monochromes pack.  It’s packaged as a male hair, but I think it’s very unisex.  This hair strongly reminds me of something you’d see in the Londoner mod scene of the 50s and 60s.  Didn’t one of The Beatles have this moptop look, or all of them at one time?  So yea, if you’re looking for something timeless or reviving the mod look go pick this up.

Next is the newest release from Magika, Nayla, in the black & white pack.  Most of the time I am not a fan of simple ponytails, but I absolutely love this one.  It’s held loosely with color changeable pins, and it also manages to frame the face well.  With the prim hair you also get just the right amount of strays so the overall look is effortless, a little messy, but beautiful.  Pick this up if you’re in need of a very natural looking hairstyle.

Top in both pics is the Red Pearls Pullover from Sassy Kitty Designs.

Now, onto what may be the sexiest jeans on SL so far.  =P  These are the Black Jeans Garters from Sassy Kitty Designs, also available in white, gray, beige, and red.  If these are a little too daring for you they also come with different colored knit versions, still on the same layer so you don’t have to wear the underpants and pants layers to get the desired look.  All the jeans are available in two knit color packs, red, gray, and beige, or white and black.  You get all possible layers, straight and flare cuffs, ripped and regular versions of the jeans with the knits, plus the pair I’m wearing with and without panties.

Other Stuff In The Pic

Hair: Magika, Nayla (was free around Valentine’s Day, but I think it’s the same color that can be found in the “colors” pack)  *NEW*

Skin: Plastik, Anjou from her newest skin color palette release the Ataciara Muted Elven Collection  *NEW*

Necklaces: n-creation, Black Madonna Necklace

Tattoo: Para Designs, Punked *NEW*

Bracelets/Cuffs: Blitzed, Legacy Cuffs with optional hand bracelets

Nipple Tape: Plastik, Bandaids Unisex Black

Corset: Sassy Kitty Designs, Underbust Leather Corset Black (does come with pasties, not shown)

Shoes: G Field, Short Lace-Up Boots Black (sides, shoelaces, and sole are color changeable by clicking the boots)

Finger Tape, Piercings, and Eyes have been previously blogged.

Valentine’s Day… Massacre?

More things to show you before Valentine’s Day is here and over with.

Yes, Plastik has Valentine editions out, and quite a few can be worn after Valentine’s Day too.  =D  Outfits from left to right are Valerian Emblazoned – Promises (includes shorts), Ambrice – St. Valentine (includes a “scant” version), and Courtesan – Masquerade (includes arm and leg wraps).  The hair in the middle is from (Red) Mint, No. 06 from the dark reds pack.  This is the hair that includes these elf ears.  Makeup in the middle is also from Plastik, Soul Ink – Goth.  Makeup on the right is no longer available as just as an alpha layer to my knowledge.

The skin worn with all three outfits is a Valentine’s special sneak peek at the upcoming Spirit line from Heartsick.  It’s available in 4 tones, each tone coming with different colored brow options, freckles, cleavage, and even medium cleavage.  I am wearing the palest tone called Illusion.  Each tone with all these options is only $60, but they probably won’t be up long so grab them quick!

And now on to the Massacre part of this post!

This is the only way I can deal with the impending doom that is Valentine’s Day sometimes, so here it goes.

DressValentine Diva Hunt gift from Sassy Kitty Designs (comes with many more options)

Bloody Valentine – is the My Depraved Valentine Hunt prize from NeverM0re (includes bloody arms, “Mine Always” bloody writing, and 4 poses with beating, bloody hearts)

MakeupCheap Makeup, Miss Priss Lipstick 9

Skin – no longer available

Picture taken at Little Heaven

Is it Valentine’s Day yet?

OMG, is it here yet?  It better hurry up before my inventory explodes into pink fluff.  =P  I’ve been picking at the Depraved Valentine Hunt so I thought I’d show you a few things. First is the Dimpled piercing, part of the prize from HoD.  The MDV tattoo is the prize from Insanya, comes in regular and worn versions.  Lastly, in this post anyway, is the Hot Pink Heart Dress from Razorblade Jacket, includes gloves and socks. For more information on this hunt and others please click my Hunt Listing at the top of this blog.

Oh, you want to know who my little friend in the picture is?  This is my early Valentine’s Day present and newest creation from BelleBelle called In Love With a Daisy.  Not only is it adorable, but it also comes with 4 sitting animations.  Thank you Leyla!  =D

Now, on to everything else in the pic!

Hairlamb, Bang Bang

BlindfoldIllusions, Silk Blindfold

Ears(Red) Mint, Down Royal Fae Elf Ears (only available with hair no. 06)

Makeup – Pididdle @ Kozmetika, Lip Lacquer – What A Lush

Skin – was in The Serial Killer Hunt from Plastik (no longer available)

JewelryLouLou&Co, Crepuscule Choker and Bracelets (this choker is from a hunt and no longer available, but she does a sell a version that matches the bracelets)

Boots – previously blogged


Ok, so let’s start from the top shall we?  The hair is from Ploom, Twilla in the Blondes 1 pack. You get the solid and streak versions, and I thought I should show the side of the hair since I thought it was just a really awesome short hairstyle until I tried the demo.

The skin is from the newest line at Plastik, Ataciara in the Chorus tone – Killer make-up.  Ataciara is available in six “human” tones, each with about 40 make-ups available, but there’s also 32 “elven” tones available.  Each skin comes with matching ears, a cleavage option, alpha layers for various things like freckles, darker lips, etc., and a huge pack of eyes from the Haunt and Vae collections.

The dress is the newest release from Sassy Kitty Designs, Baby Got Warm dress in pink.  This dress is also available in beige, black, and red.  The gray and white versions are available at the Extend A Helping Hand market.

Tattoo is from Para Designs, Desire.  Comes with dark, medium, and light layers (including alpha layers) for black and color versions.

Other stuff in the pics: the bracelets and necklace from Fusion.  They are the Chained Pearl necklace and Multi Chained bracelets.  Piercings have already been blogged.

Shopper’s Block?

I haven’t felt like shopping lately (OMG is she dying?) O.O  So, when nothing was interesting me again last night I decided to try stores I had never been to or hadn’t been to in quite awhile.  This worked, but apparently I wasn’t in the mood for girly stuff in general because I kept finding myself in the male department of every store.  =P  So yea, this post is for the guys, but is totally wearable for chicks too.

Hair/HatSey, Transer in jet black

PiercingsCobrahive, Gauged

Shirt/UndershirtPrimitive Design, Yakuzza shirt in silver grey (comes with tie as prim or on shirt)

PantsAmerie, Loose Pants Long in black

BootsResurrection, Platform Boots (Laced & Strapped) I’m just wearing the foot part

Skin – group gift from Curio, no longer available

I have this thing against “baggies” in general on SL since most of them just look like over-sized legwarmers that go up to your crotch with a belt that fails to fool anyone into thinking it’s a nice looking pair of pants. These loose pants from Amerie are a nice change, they’re just baggy enough and someone finally remembered that if your pants are that big the crotch is probably baggy too.  =P

Extend a Helping Hand

The Extend A Helping Hand market opened today and will run til the 31st.  The goal? To raise money for those affected by the Queensland floods in Australia.

There are many stores represented here including Fallen Gods Inc., Dilly Dolls, RezIpsa Loc, Weather! or not?, Schadenfreude, and Violent Seduction just to name a few.  Also, unlike most fundraisers every item here tells you exactly how much is being donated, whether it be 50%, 75%, or in many cases 100%.  Not every store has their items up yet, although most do, so keep stopping by.

Dilly Dolls Sale!

Dilly Dolls is having a $50 sale on all fat packs of clothing including dresses with and without shoes, male outfits, and all shirts and pants.  The sale started a few hours ago and will go for a few days, but there isn’t a set date so get moving!!  I believe everything in the pictures has been previously blogged except the dresses and the black gloves worn in the first two pics which are from Plastik, LipstickMuse in black. You can also see the tattoo much much better in this post that I blogged about in the last post.

This dress is from the Chyley Dark fat pack.

This is from the Kawaii Koala fat pack, and yes you can get the pack that includes these boots for $50 too.  =D

And the last fat pack I bought, so far anyway, is the Amaya dresses. Comes with gloves and stockings.

Get going dollies!!!

Blue Blood has a special edition color out of the Cassis outfit, pink/black!  It comes with everything the regular Cassis outfits offer like 3 skirt options and the jacket, but it’s half the price and only available through tomorrow (Sunday).  I am wearing the jacket and the “mini ribbony skirt” option below.

All The Other Shit

HairGlico in gray from Scars *new*

SkinIrina Skin (goth) – Mauve from Amacci

Make-up AlphaBleeding Mascara from Xplosion for The Serial Killer Hunt

Tattoo (that you can barely see  =P) – Alice Wonderland from V Tattoo

HatTophat Netting from Wretched Dollies (I got it included with the Pretty in Black outfit, no idea if they sell it alone)

ChokerBlack Leather Choker from PERA (no SLurl since I can’t find the store at this time)

PoseJust Don’t Understand from TeaSoup for A Very Depraved New Year hunt

*Necklace, bracelets, and piercings no longer available*

Go Get It!!!

Sassy Kitty Designs is offering this dress free for a limited time, all you have to do is go to the mainstore and grab it.  I’m wearing the “tease” version, but it also comes with a roll neck option.

You can also get this dress in two more colors by finding the pencil somewhere in the store for the New Year’s Resolution Hunt.

Necklace, piercing, and tattoo no longer available.

HairKerri v1 from 99 Elephants

TapeTaped Fist from SiniStyle

Happy Holidays Hunt

So, I’ve been picking at this hunt because I’m not about to spend $10 at 96 stores for stuff I’ll never wear, and the same people also ran their With Love… Hunt almost at the same time and I hit that pretty hard too.  So here’s some of the stuff I did pick up.  =D  If you need the starting location or the official blog you can find it in the Hunts List at the top of this blog.

This is the Holli outfit from Ducknipple, comes with dress, belt, choker, tintable fishnets (not shown), and boots (not shown).  The skin is also in the hunt from Tyranny Designs/Grixdale, Ouch! – Black Ice is Hazardous in the cream tone (the tan tone is available in the hunt too).  Xander leggings are from Pink Outfitters, not in the hunt.  The hair is Mai in blonde from Ronsem, free on one of the tables by the rest of the hair.  Tattoo and bracelets are no longer available to my knowledge.

Close-up of the skin from Tyranny Designs/Grixdale. The dimples and bandaid on the nose like she actually did just fall on the ice is adorable. One of her knees is also bandaged up.  =D  For $10 this skin also comes with a lot of options, theres with or without cleavage and with or without dimples.

Black eye shadow alpha was an old hunt gift and the piercings are from EllaBella, Shadow of the Day.

Santa Baby PJs are the gift from Pididdle and make my avi look about 10, but at least she’s a very cute 10 I guess  =P  The Happy Holiday boots are part of the hunt prize from Boom.  The candy cane is from Plastik’s Christmas randomvendor at the Holiday Hill sim.  The uber-cute ponytails are a group gift from Hair Shop Nodoka, Mao in umber.