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Getting Comfortable

Welcome to The Return of the Pants!  I feel like it’s been forever since I wore pants in SL, but with the temperatures taking a dive here and this sweatshirt from Geek @ Sad November reminding me so much of cozy wear I start digging for in rl about this time of year I felt like now was the perfect time.

BME_Geek_TDTH_C.C Kre-ations

HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

HairDamselfly @ Body Mod  Jojo – tuxedo+faded  Expo closes the 31st so hurry!

EyesSU!  Bastet Eyes  Fatpack group gift can be found upstairs, $300 to join.

Eye MakeupBella Elephante @ Cosmetic Fair  Horror – fatpack  Fatpack includes 6 colors or buy separately.  Event ends the 31st!

ScarsNox @ Cosmetic Fair  Keloid Scars – fatpack  tintable

SkinDead Apples  Ari – porcelain

PiercingCHARY @ N-twenty1  Septum Ring 1 – silver  gacha item

TeethShine  Vampire Teeth/Demon

EarsSinful Needs  Mesh Fae Ears S1D1


 BODY: Clothing/Accessories

NecklaceC.C Kre-ations @ Kawaii vs Creepy Gacha Fair  Kumo Set – necklace blue  The Kumo gacha can be found on the “creepy” sim.

SweatshirtGeek @ Sad November  Snugglebum – white  Includes HUD for changing undershirt colors, will also be available in other colors, event opens Nov. 1st.

Hands – SLink

Ring – Reign  Chamber Rings  gacha items

Nail HUDSHOCK @ Body Mod  SLink Wild Soul Nails
[ S H O C K ] Slink Wild Soul Nails

(HUD photo is not mine and links back to the creator’s Flickr.)

YoyoBlow-up  Magic Yoyo  Free in The Dirty Turkey Hunt that starts Nov. 1st.  Make sure to turn on particles to see the string and color tracers.

JeansForsaken @ DON’T PANIC!  Swarm Jeans  Female and male versions free in different prize rats throughout the game.

BootsDeadwool  Patmos Boots – black

PoseImeka  Neva  Pack includes 8 poses.

Thank you so very much designers! <333

Body Mod Expo winding down

Well, it’s that time of the month again, things are ending so more things can open in a few days.  October coming to a close is much sadder than most months for me though because of all the Halloween stuff going bye bye and all the people going back to their, “No, I don’t like horror movies”, stances.  So, if you haven’t been to the Body Mod Expo or Cosmetic Fair yet I urge you to pop over before it’s all bundled away.


HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

Hat –  Remarkable Oblivion  Melancholy Tophat – midnight  gacha item

Hair – Spellbound(TAG!)  Velvet (Melty) – fatpack  MYSTERY RARE

EyesBabyDoll @ Body Mod  Crystal Eyes – red

SkinDead Apples  Ari – porcelain

Face Paint/MakeupWicked Peach @ Cosmetic Fair  Macabre Face Makeup  Includes 6 colors.

 BODY: Clothing/Accessories

Tattoo – Speakeasy @ Body Mod  Root of Evil Tattoo  Includes appliers along with faded and regular options.

DressThe Secret Store @ Collabor88  Anita Empire Dress – beetle

Cuffsrandom Matter @ N-twenty1  Pycell Cuff – black

Hands – SLink

Ring – Reign  Chamber Rings  gacha items

Nail HUDDark Passions @ Body Mod  Koffin Nails – SLink Nails HUD – victorian floral

TailBoom(TAG!)  Static Demon Tail Pack MYSTERY RARE

Thank you very much designers! <333

Making preparations

Halloween is almost here!  I’ve been sharpening my blades and wandering the neighborhood all night. (Are your doors locked btw?)  I do have a lot to do so I maaaaaybe got an early start, but we won’t talk about that right now.  I did find this oh so wonderful dress/apron in my notices from Go! that speaks volumes to anyone silly enough to cam me, and for those of you a little squeamish there is a clean version included..  There is a male version available, but it looks pretty much the same, just made bigger I suppose.


Photos taken @ Fallen’s Haunting

HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

Bow + CollarSU!  Scylla Bow Headband + Minerva Chain Collar  Both are group gifts and include HUDs for changing colors and metals.  Group is $300 to join and there’s a room full of gifts upstairs.

HairAyashi @ Body Mod  Michi – fatpack  What I’m not showing is the anime type neko ears you can hide or show as part of the hair.

SkinDead Apples  Ari – porcelain

ScarsNox @ Cosmetic Fair  Keloid Scars – fatpack  tintable

Eyes –  Adored @ MRF  Cloud Eyes – seer/  Dead Apples  Sinistre Eyes – horror edition

Makeup/Face Paint – Bella Elephante @ Cosmetic Fair  Stitched  Includes with/without lipstick options.

EarsSinful Needs  Mesh Fae Ears S1D1

 BODY: Clothing/Accessories

NooseRemarkable Oblivion  Salem  I couldn’t find this in the mainstore so it may no longer be available.

Blouse –  G Field  Silky Blouse “Charlotte” – black

Dress/ApronGo!  Mrs. Horror 4  Male versions also available.

Cuffsrandom Matter @ N-twenty1  Pycell Cuff – black

Axe – Remarkable Oblivion  Zombie Axe  Group gift, includes various attachment points and clean versions, group is free.

Blood – no longer available

PoseImeka  Liz  Pack includes 8 poses.

Thank you so very much designers! <333


Endless like you

TAG! Gacha(click link for more info) started up a few days ago which was fun and laggy when I ran through it.  There is a HUD that needs to be activated at Gachatopia and it will teleport you to all 50 locations, but tagging all those locations only comes into play if you get a mystery rare coupon out of one of the machines.

DON’T PANIC! also opened a few days ago.  It’s the latest Halloween game/ hunt by the people at Pulse, and yes I’ve done these every year since I’ve been on SL, I LOVE them!  You definitely need to run through more than once, the first time for the game/story and the second time just to make sure you found all the prizes.


Photos taken @ Fallen’s Haunting

HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

HornsC.C. Kre-ations @ Body Mod  {Faded} horns (II)  Available in 3 color packs each containing 6 color combos.

Hair – Spellbound(TAG!)  Velvet (Melty) – fatpack  MYSTERY RARE  The gacha machines for this event are at the individual mainstores, the mystery rare coupons are no transfer, but the actual item you get in the prize room is.

GlassesHalf-Deer  Bat Wing Glasses Set

SkinDead Apples  Ari – porcelain

Eyes + Eye Makeup(sold separately) – ANGELICA @ Cosmetic Fair  Tsuya Eyes – metallic + meadow/  Smudged Eye Makeup #1

Liner & Lips – Dead Apples  Lipgloss Pack

Scars – Nox @ Cosmetic Fair  Keloid Scars – fatpack  tintable

Piercings(sold separately) – HV  Smug – gold/oil + Nosejob – ink/oil  modded

TeethShine  Vampire Teeth/Demon

EarsSinful Needs  Mesh Fae Ears S1D1


 BODY: Clothing/Accessories

Necklacestea.s  Skull Candy Necklace/  Nylon Outfitters(TAG!)  Spooky Girl Portrait – anna

Tattoo – Elska @ Body Mod  Life In Technicolor

DressSakide @ DON’T PANIC!  Vylena Dresses  Free prize in the game/hunt if you can find them!  Includes black and white versions in bloody/clean options.

TailGeek @ Mystic Realms Faire  Smaug Tail – blue/purple  Other colors also available, event ends the 26th so get moving!

Bracelets –  Chary  Gaia Bangles – silver  May no longer be available since they were a past N-twenty1 item./  Mandala  Okaki Bracelet Set – black

Hands – SLink

Rings – Fujiwara’s World @ Body Mod  TeaTime Rings – fatpack  Fatpack includes 6 colors with left and right versions.

Nail HUDBella Elephante  Cotton Candy fatpack(SLink)  “Fatpacks” refer to fingernail & toenail HUDs, or you can buy them separately.

BE - Cotton Candy

(HUD photo is not mine and links back to the creator’s Flickr.)

GarterRemarkable Oblivion  Melancholy Garter – midnight  gacha item

PosesElephante Poses  Once Upon A Dream  Set includes 6 poses.

Thank you designers! <333


More event newness for you in this post from Body Mod Expo and Mystic Realms Faire.  Lindsay of ANGELICA has been pretty busy this month with events including Mystic Realms Faire and Seasons Story.  At MRF you can find her one of a kind skin, Violet, in its very own skintone, dolly.


Photos taken @ Grollwerk Island

HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

HairTaketomi  Kakoa – GothQueen fatpack RARE  gacha item

EyesBrixley  Voodoo Eyes – dust

SkinANGELICA @ MRF  Violet – dolly  This is a special skintone for the event, skin includes beige and no brow options.  SLink appliers and fantasy brow pack also available.

LipsANGELICA @ Seasons Story  Mellow Lipstick Gacha – burgundy  Gloss gacha done in autumn friendly tones, each color includes dark and light versions to go with any skintone.

TeethShine  Vampire Teeth/Demon

Ears – The Skinnery  Elongated Puki Ears

 BODY: Clothing/Accessories

CollarBokeh @ BME  Abuk Necklace – gold  Also available in silver and copper, each metal includes rustic and polished options.

Tattoo – DAPPA @ BME  Soar Tattoo  Includes fresh and faded versions.

DressG Field @ MRF  Elwyn Outfit – milktea  Available in 5 color combos and yes, it is all one piece.

Bracelets/CuffsMandala  Sankara Bracelet Set – brown  unisex

Hands – SLink

RingsReign  Chamber Rings  gacha items

Nail HUDZOZ @ BME  Elegant Romance (SLink)

-{ZOZ}- Elegant Romance pix

(HUD photo is not mine and links back to the creator’s Flickr.)

PoseImeka  Juice  Includes 8 poses.

Thank you very much designers! <333


Body Mod Expo & Mystic Realms Faire

This post is packed full of releases from the Body Mod Expo and Mystic Realms Faire, both of which opened on the 10th.  The Body Mod Expo offers jewelry, horns, belts, skins, tattoos, shoes, & more, basically everything EXCEPT clothing.  Mystic Realms Faire is two sims of just about anything you could ever want for fantasy, period, or Gor roleplaying, including weapons, clothing, armor, decor, skins, hair, & more.

MRF_BME_C.C Kre-ations_Sakide

Photos taken @ China Bamboo Ink

HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

HornsC.C. Kre-ations @ MRF  {Captive Moon – black} Horns  Other colors also available.

Hair/HairbaseRunaway @ MRF  Kerli Hair – whites  Hair does include matching hairbases.

Monocle – Kio Kio @ MRF  Love Monocle – black  Includes HUD for beads and lens colors.

EyesAdored @ MRF  Cloud Eyes – clarity + mystic(sold separately)  Each color includes with/without pupils versions.

Skin – no longer available

BrowsThe Skinnery  Natural Brows – set 2

Eye Makeup + Nail HUD(sold separately) – Bella Elephante @ MRF  Nightly Shadow – silver  Buy colors separately or as a fatpack./  Sparkle & Shine SLink Nail HUD

BE - Sparkle & Shine

(HUD photo is not mine and links back to the creator’s Flickr.)

TeethShine  Vampire Teeth/Demon

Ears – The Skinnery  Elongated Puki Ears


Original size here for more detail.

 BODY: Clothing/Accessories

CollarDRD @ MRF  Medieval Collar  Includes 3 colors/metals.

Tattoos – (top)Speakeasy @ BME  Root of Evil Tattoo  Includes appliers along with faded and regular options./  (legs)Elska @ BME  She’s Crafty/  (feet)HoD  Sanvean SLink Foot Appliers – blacks & whites

WingsDirtyStories  Lost Angel Wings  Includes black, white, and black & white versions.

Top + Skirt(sold separately) – Sakide @ MRF  Nalyah Top & Mask – dark  Includes HUD with 10 color and 4 metal options, a light colors version is also available./  Anawyn Outfit – black  Includes top (not shown) and armbands, also available in other colors.

Ankle CuffsTabou Irresistible  Feet Chain Nail – black  Also includes chains for the SLink high foot.

PosesANGELICA @ The Showroom  Popteen Pose Pack  Includes 7 poses.

MRF_BME_Speakeasy_E.A. Studio_Aru

BraceletsChary  Gaia Bangles – silver  May no longer be available since they were an N-twenty1 item.

Hands, Feet, & Claw Nail Add-On – SLink

Rings – E.A. Studio @ BME  Tribal Wings Rings – silver  Also available in gold./  Aru @ MRF  Fantasy Rings – Set 1 + 2  Three sets available, each set includes 2 options.

Thank you so very much designers! <333

Opening soon!

First, a very big THANK YOU and a whole lot of hugs to the designers and coordinators of these events! Love you guys! <33333333  Also, if you’re a blogger and haven’t joined [SL] Blogger Support yet you really are missing out on some great opportunities (app is on their website).

Anyway on to the flyers…(flyers are linked to official websites)


Opens October 10th at 12pm SLT and runs through October 31st.  The expo will offer just about everything EXCEPT clothing.  SLurl: (will not work until the 10th)


Event opens October 10th and runs through October 26th featuring two sims packed with shops.  If you like Fantasy Faire and We ❤ Roleplay this event is for you.  The below SLurls will again NOT work until event is open.

Sim 1:

Sim 2:



Posts featuring items from both events on the way!

More from Candy Fair!

There is a lot of events going on this month and its barely started, so this will probably be my last Candy Fair post.  My poor lil virgo brain is busy trying to keep track of event openings and what can be found where, but hopefully I can keep it to a dull roar until I get this all down.  😛

C.C.Kre-ations_ANGELICA_Candy Fair

Original size here (for more detail)

HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

Hair/HeadbandAtomic @ Candy Fair  Macaroon – wild ombres

SkinChickadee @ The Gathering  Sera – air  Gacha item, includes regular and cleavage versions, appliers can be found in a box right by the gacha for $1.

EyesBrixley  Voodoo Eyes – nebula

Blush/Heart + Nail HUD – ANGELICA @ Candy Fair(gacha garden)  Candy Make Up – heart #mix1  10 commons, 2 rares/  SLink Nail Polish “Sweet” – #candy-l  8 common, 2 rare

Lips – ANGELICA @ Candy Fair  MingMing Candy Lip pack  Includes 8 colors in dark and light versions.

GlassesC.C. Kre-ations @ Candy Fair(gacha garden)  Chobii Glasses – pink RARE

Ears – The Skinnery  Puki Ears

 BODY: Clothing/Accessories

GhostC.C. Kre-ations @ RMK Halloween Market  Lil Ghost – m4ri  Each ghost includes holdable, rezzable, and follow versions.  I don’t think there’s a direct lm to the market since there’s also a hunt/game going on, so when you land just walk behind the lil’ witch and click on one of the spelled circles to fall to ground level, walk to the middle of the town square from there.

Necklace + Ring(sold separately) – tsg @ Candy Fair  SweetHeart Necklace – choco/  Ice Cream Scoop Ring – vanilla

Top + Romper(sold separately) – Moon Amore @ Candy Fair  Simple Shirt – pattern/  Kuki Romper – dots  Shirt and romper sold in packs of 4 with HUD.  tyvm ❤

BagMoon Amore @ Candy Fair(gacha garden)  Simple Bag Sparkle – yellow  gacha item  tyvm ❤

BraceletsYumYums  Way Girlie Bracelets  gacha items

Hands – SLink

PhoneRazzBerry Inc. @ Candy Fair(gacha garden)  AlpaCandy Celly – pink  tyvm! ❤

PoseImeka  Violet  Includes 8 poses.

ANGELICA @ Candy Fair

When the Candy Fair first hit the grid last year I overdosed on sugar and cuteness, this year may leave me in a sugar coma and I couldn’t be happier!  😛  The “[SL] Blogger Support” group was given early access and I can tell you right now, get ready to wave goodbye to those lindens.  There are two sims filled with adorable little pastel shops and for the gacha addicts (like me), each sim has a “gacha garden”!


HairChemistry  Prue – HUD 3  Can be worn with or without included bangs.

SkinANGELICA @ Candy Fair  MingMing – milktea  Available in four tones, includes 5 eyebrow options, teeth/no teeth, and cleavage tattoo layer.

EyesBrixley  Divine Eyes – kooky pack

Blush + Nail HUDANGELICA @ Candy Fair(gacha garden)  Candy Make Up – heart #apple RARE  10 commons, 2 rares/  SLink Nail Polish “Sweet” – #jell-o (light)  8 common, 2 rare  Each polish includes dark and light versions to look better with various skin tones.

Ears – The Skinnery  Puki Ears

Sweater/ShirtEdelweiss  School-Line Vest – cream

TieGeek @ Uber  Basic Training Tie – cream  Lots of colors available, includes rigged and unrigged versions.

Hands – SLink

RingsReign  Chamber Rings  Ring gacha should be back at the mainstore if it isn’t already.

Pose – no longer available

Perfect Day

I had to snag a Lou Reed song title for this, these photos were some of the least time consuming and prettiest I’ve taken in quite a while.  I have no idea why it took me this long to finally visit Hazardous, especially since I keep seeing it in other blogs.  It’s all so pretty and well done I barely cropped these pictures at all.

Since this post is all about the Jewelry Fair and other little things from The Gacha Mania you may want to see the original size for detail.  If you haven’t been to the Jewelry Fair yet you have until September 28th to get your greedy lil’ hands on all the newest sparklies and shinies to hit the grid, all in one place!

Photos taken @ Hazardous

HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

HeadbandZenith  Headband Ribbon – snow

HairSpellbound  Morrigan – fatpack ULTRARARE  gacha item

SkinANGELICA  Suzy – honeypink  Group gift in exclusive tone, group is $300 to join.  Skin includes 3 brow options, Slink feet and hand appliers, teeth/no teeth options, and a pair of eyes.

EyesANGELICA @ Gacha Mania  Clear Eyes – cafe  gacha item

Lips – ANGELICA @ Gacha Mania  Milky Lip – chop cherry  gacha item

 BODY: Clothing/Accessories

NecklaceBokeh @ Jewelry Fair  Enchanted Medallion – all colors A/gold  Can be bought is packs of 4 or separately, each includes long, medium, and short versions.  Silver versions also available.  (You can see this item better in the bottom photo.)

Watch – RealEvil Ind. @ Jewelry Fair  MTX Watch  Fully customizable with retexturing HUD for every part, also includes male and female versions with 2 wear options for each.

Bracelet – RealEvil Ind. @ Jewelry Fair  LUX Anya’s Pearls Set  Includes matching necklace, earrings, and bracelets, all fully customizable with included HUD.

Hands – SLink

Rings – Geek @ Gacha Mania  Sweet Song Rings – double gold RARE/  C.C. Kre-ations @ Gacha Mania  Cute Ribbon Rings – pink  gacha items

Nail HUDBella Elephante @ Oneword  Grumpy Tea Cat (for SLink)  Oneword is open through Sept. 30th.

BE - Grumpy Tea Cat

(HUD photo is not mine and links back to the creator’s Flickr.)

DressZenith @ Kustom9  Rose Phase Dolly Dress

Thank you designers! <333