Endless like you

TAG! Gacha(click link for more info) started up a few days ago which was fun and laggy when I ran through it.  There is a HUD that needs to be activated at Gachatopia and it will teleport you to all 50 locations, but tagging all those locations only comes into play if you get a mystery rare coupon out of one of the machines.

DON’T PANIC! also opened a few days ago.  It’s the latest Halloween game/ hunt by the people at Pulse, and yes I’ve done these every year since I’ve been on SL, I LOVE them!  You definitely need to run through more than once, the first time for the game/story and the second time just to make sure you found all the prizes.


Photos taken @ Fallen’s Haunting

HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

HornsC.C. Kre-ations @ Body Mod  {Faded} horns (II)  Available in 3 color packs each containing 6 color combos.

Hair – Spellbound(TAG!)  Velvet (Melty) – fatpack  MYSTERY RARE  The gacha machines for this event are at the individual mainstores, the mystery rare coupons are no transfer, but the actual item you get in the prize room is.

GlassesHalf-Deer  Bat Wing Glasses Set

SkinDead Apples  Ari – porcelain

Eyes + Eye Makeup(sold separately) – ANGELICA @ Cosmetic Fair  Tsuya Eyes – metallic + meadow/  Smudged Eye Makeup #1

Liner & Lips – Dead Apples  Lipgloss Pack

Scars – Nox @ Cosmetic Fair  Keloid Scars – fatpack  tintable

Piercings(sold separately) – HV  Smug – gold/oil + Nosejob – ink/oil  modded

TeethShine  Vampire Teeth/Demon

EarsSinful Needs  Mesh Fae Ears S1D1


 BODY: Clothing/Accessories

Necklacestea.s  Skull Candy Necklace/  Nylon Outfitters(TAG!)  Spooky Girl Portrait – anna

Tattoo – Elska @ Body Mod  Life In Technicolor

DressSakide @ DON’T PANIC!  Vylena Dresses  Free prize in the game/hunt if you can find them!  Includes black and white versions in bloody/clean options.

TailGeek @ Mystic Realms Faire  Smaug Tail – blue/purple  Other colors also available, event ends the 26th so get moving!

Bracelets –  Chary  Gaia Bangles – silver  May no longer be available since they were a past N-twenty1 item./  Mandala  Okaki Bracelet Set – black

Hands – SLink

Rings – Fujiwara’s World @ Body Mod  TeaTime Rings – fatpack  Fatpack includes 6 colors with left and right versions.

Nail HUDBella Elephante  Cotton Candy fatpack(SLink)  “Fatpacks” refer to fingernail & toenail HUDs, or you can buy them separately.

BE - Cotton Candy

(HUD photo is not mine and links back to the creator’s Flickr.)

GarterRemarkable Oblivion  Melancholy Garter – midnight  gacha item

PosesElephante Poses  Once Upon A Dream  Set includes 6 poses.

Thank you designers! <333

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