More from Candy Fair!

There is a lot of events going on this month and its barely started, so this will probably be my last Candy Fair post.  My poor lil virgo brain is busy trying to keep track of event openings and what can be found where, but hopefully I can keep it to a dull roar until I get this all down.  😛

C.C.Kre-ations_ANGELICA_Candy Fair

Original size here (for more detail)

HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

Hair/HeadbandAtomic @ Candy Fair  Macaroon – wild ombres

SkinChickadee @ The Gathering  Sera – air  Gacha item, includes regular and cleavage versions, appliers can be found in a box right by the gacha for $1.

EyesBrixley  Voodoo Eyes – nebula

Blush/Heart + Nail HUD – ANGELICA @ Candy Fair(gacha garden)  Candy Make Up – heart #mix1  10 commons, 2 rares/  SLink Nail Polish “Sweet” – #candy-l  8 common, 2 rare

Lips – ANGELICA @ Candy Fair  MingMing Candy Lip pack  Includes 8 colors in dark and light versions.

GlassesC.C. Kre-ations @ Candy Fair(gacha garden)  Chobii Glasses – pink RARE

Ears – The Skinnery  Puki Ears

 BODY: Clothing/Accessories

GhostC.C. Kre-ations @ RMK Halloween Market  Lil Ghost – m4ri  Each ghost includes holdable, rezzable, and follow versions.  I don’t think there’s a direct lm to the market since there’s also a hunt/game going on, so when you land just walk behind the lil’ witch and click on one of the spelled circles to fall to ground level, walk to the middle of the town square from there.

Necklace + Ring(sold separately) – tsg @ Candy Fair  SweetHeart Necklace – choco/  Ice Cream Scoop Ring – vanilla

Top + Romper(sold separately) – Moon Amore @ Candy Fair  Simple Shirt – pattern/  Kuki Romper – dots  Shirt and romper sold in packs of 4 with HUD.  tyvm ❤

BagMoon Amore @ Candy Fair(gacha garden)  Simple Bag Sparkle – yellow  gacha item  tyvm ❤

BraceletsYumYums  Way Girlie Bracelets  gacha items

Hands – SLink

PhoneRazzBerry Inc. @ Candy Fair(gacha garden)  AlpaCandy Celly – pink  tyvm! ❤

PoseImeka  Violet  Includes 8 poses.

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