RMK Gothic Halloween, Mad Labyrinth, & more

The RMK Gothic Halloween hunt/game is almost over, but you still have about a day to collect tickets and get your prizes.  The RMK hunts are a unique experience from any other hunt on the grid because there’s always more involved than simply finding a certain object.  For this one you grab your free HUD then keep going forward until you fall to the sim below, grab pieces of candy (these are your ingredients), but only grab the three that will make one of the treats the ghosts like (recipes here), then find which ghost likes what you made for a prize ticket.  There are 10 main ghosts on the sim (map here) and if you need some hints try clicking on some of the other little ghosts around the sim.

The Mad Labyrinth is another cute lil event that will be around through November 5th.  When you land you can choose to go straight to the market where all participants have at least one $5 item along with regularly priced Halloween-themed items out, or go through the labyrinth first and pick up some adorable freebies around every corner.


HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

Teeth (bow?) – LavandaChic @ Mad Labyrinth  Funny Teeth Vampire  $5

Hair – Truth  Abra – colors

Skin – no longer available

Eyes – Chus!  Cult Lenses  Includes 4 colors, system eyes, and mesh prims.

GlassesAir @ RMK  Lutecia – black  Prize for RMK Gothic Halloween.

Piercing – SU!  Elyse Facial Piercings – snow

Ears – Trap  Short Gelf Ears – pierced

Teeth – Shine  Vampire Teeth/Demon


BODY: Clothing/Accessories

SweaterGo!  Soft Chill Sweater – white *NEW*

RingSquishy PolkaDots @ OMG  Mushie Gacha Ring – blush  Ends October 31st

Nails – Nailed It(@Baiastice)  MvW Autumn Set – mesh  Set is also available for SLink.

SocksIzzie’s  Thigh High Knit Socks  Includes Phat Azz and SLink appliers.

ShoesSakide @ Body Mod Expo  Racy Boots – black  Available in various colors, includes HUD for changing metal textures or hiding spikes and chains.

Shape – Made by Fei Bourdeille, modded by me.

HOME: Decor & Furnishings

ChairAtelier Visconti @ Seraphim Social  The Other Armchair  I love this thing, it includes single and couples animations along with a color HUD.  Hurry!  Seraphim Social ends October 31st.

Pumpkins – Half-Deer @ RMK  Painted Pumpkins  Set of three, prize for RMK Gothic Halloween.

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