To pastel heroes of the 80’s…

Come back!  I watched A LOT of TV when I was a kid, actually I still probably watch more TV than I should.  Once I had this look together it reminded me a lot of all those pretty cartoons I used to watch like The Care Bears, My Little Pony, and The Wonderful World of Strawberry Shortcake.  All of these cartoons were remade in 2000whenever, but oddly enough all the bad guys seem to have been taken out.  These shows used to teach kids some semblance of values and right from wrong, but now there’s no wit, no bad guys, and no plot.  Is it any wonder kids seem to be getting dumber and dumber with every generation?  Yea, yea pretty soon I’m going to be the crazy lady with 90 cats yelling at kids to get off my lawn, but everything I see on the news just further seems to prove my point.  I just don’t remember ever being as stupid or as vapid as these kids now (and that coming from a virtual fashion blogger for god’s sake!)

Please make sure all hate mail is at least five words long with words completely spelled out so I can see that you do indeed still have a grasp of the english language.  😛



NecklaceOlive @ Mes Brics a Bracs  Catch My Starfish Necklace & HUD *rare*  This gacha machine loved me and spit this out my first try!

Bracelet – Olive @ Mes Brics a Bracs  Catch My Starfish Bracelet & HUD *rare*  This machine also loved me and spit this out my second try.

Ring + Nails – Pekka @ Mes Brics a Bracs  SeaStar Silver Ring – cyan  Also a gacha item, rings available in black, silver, and gold finishes.  Every ring includes an SLink HUD for fingernails with a few pastel french tip polishes.

HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

Hair – Tableau Vivant @ The Arcade  Yazimoto Hair – Spring 3  Gacha item, $50 per play.

SkinEssences @ Chapter Four  Amaterasu – lait ginger 06  You got it, another gacha item!  Can someone point me towards a Gacha Anonymous meeting?  $100 per play, includes SLink and Lolas appliers.

Lips – Essences @ Chapter Four  Amaterasu Lipstick – 03  Gacha item, $50 per play (I think).

Eyes – tsg  Reflections – aquamarine

Face Stickers – no longer available

De-blusher – Dead Apples  Tintable “Shape Your Cheeks” Kit  Includes tintable blush eraser, sharp cheeks, and soft cheeks tattoo layers.

Ears – Lemon Tea  Wood Elf Ears


BODY: Clothing/Accessories

WingsSchadenfreude  Mannequiel Wings  Texture change, but also mod.  These will not be sold after FLF so if you want them you only have a couple hours left.

DressSakide @ American Bazaar  Sweet Cupcake Dress  Free in the American Bazaar sim hunt, September 7th – 21st.  HUD includes 5 dress colors.

Drink – Two Cats @ Mes Brics a Bracs  Bubble Tea – white chocolate heart  Gacha item, $30 per play.

Socks – Schadenfreude  Luisa Socks & Stockings – pure  Includes sock and stockings versions, available in various colors./  Ruffle TopsDMD  “Chubbits” Chunky Lolita Shoes + Socks

Shoes – Blah @ Mes Brics a Bracs  My Piggly Slippers – pink  Gacha item, $50 per play.

Poses + LoungerFocus Poses @ She & Him  Summer Lounge Chair  Includes 13 poses (3 standing), and a HUD for changing wood and towel textures.

Shape – made by Fei Bourdeille, modded by me.

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