The Arcade: June edition

First off, I must admit I bought most of this stuff at various Arcade yard sales (no, the yard sales are not associated with, or condoned by The Arcade).  The yard sales seem to be treated like the seamy underbelly of The Arcade, as in most people will visit them, but very few seem to want to admit to it.  In the official Arcade group there is to be no selling of items or giving out of yard sale SLurls by threat of ejection and banning, only trading allowed.  In a perfect world this would be peachy, you’d want all the stuff I didn’t and you’d have all the stuff I was looking for, but I’ve been in that group and I swear all talk leads to the damn animal spice jars from the first Arcade.

The yard sales are brilliant if you can’t get in to The Arcade the first week, are looking for those last few items, or want to lighten up your inventory while getting back your money on your unwanteds.  I know some people abuse the sales by selling “rares” at insane prices, but stop buying and they’ll bring the prices down to something more reasonable or keep them, whichever.  If you’ve never been to a yard sale this plurk post should get you started.


Photos taken @ Vespertine

HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

HairClawtooth @ Arcade  That Pretty Lady – 10

EyesDead Apples @ Arcade  Thunder Eyes – rust

Skin – tsg  Hope – x tone

Freckles – Al Vulo!  Eleonor – natural porcelain  tattoo layer

Ears – Lovely Alien (only on Marketplace)  Simple Elf Ears

BODY: Clothing/Accessories

Necklace & Ring – Sweet Leonard  Summertime Set  Includes left & right rings and necklace.

DressTee*fy @ Arcade  Aurelia Summer High-Low Dress – peach

LingerieDeeTaleZ  Super Cute Lingerie Set – white

Bangle – no longer available

Nails – Mandala  Female Nail Palette 1 (medium) 70 colors/styles and 5 nail shapes

SocksG Field  Dot Socks – 9 colors

ShoesFashionably Dead @ Arcade  Bossy Boots – wingtip-dead rose

Posessr3d(only on Marketplace)  Lucky 13

Shape – made by Fei Bourdeille


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