Dark loveliness

This look is somewhere between ethereal gothiness and dark loli, or it’s just goth loli, in any case I haven’t done this look justice in awhile and the World Goth Fair woke up my inner gothling so here you go!

By the way, as of last night WGF has raised over $500k (lindens) for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation which is more than they raised during the entire event last year!  I’ve blogged for a few charity fundraisers this year and I’ve heard the same kind of news from all of them.  You guys are doing an awesome job!


HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

Hair – Truth (temp. location, subject to change at any time)  Abra – colors *NEW*  All new color packs, all of them include fade versions now.

VeilHalf-Deer @ The Box  Veil of Thorns – black

HornsEpic  Succubus Horns  VIP gift, paid group, lots of group gifts available.

Skintsg  Hope – x tone  I would’ve bought this weeks ago, but umm I couldn’t find it.  To my surprise it’s in a back room with shapes, appliers, and mesh heads/parts.  This is a giant pet peeve of mine btw in rl as well as SL.  New items should always be in the front of the store or clearly visible in their group area and all like items should be grouped together so people can find things easily.  I rarely go to a store because I want to wade through their whole inventory, I want to find what I came there for and get out.

Eye MakeupPMD @ WGF  Tili – black  Includes full face, eyes only, lips only, and cheeks only versions.

Eyes – Dead Apples  Sinistre Eyes – Horror Edition  Includes 9 pair of eyes with mesh prims.

Ears – Lovely Alien (only on Marketplace)  Simple Elf Ears


BODY: Clothing/Accessories

Collar + Ringby Nacht @ WGF (gacha area)  Garter Collar – 1 oxidized silver/ Garter Ring – 1 silver  Separate gacha machines for collars, rings, and bracelets, $50 each.

WingsPlastik  Nairi Wings – safarii  No idea if these are still available I bought them months ago as a special preview edition.

DressSakide @ WGF  Concubine Dress – black  I LOVE this dress, EVERYTHING about this dress in fact.  The design is wonderful and screams comfy, the fabric texture is flawless, not to mention the pattern.  This is another one of those dresses that will lend itself to any situation depending on how you accessorize.  Also available in white, purple, and crimson.

Armwarmers – Sakide @ WGF  Inkubus Outfit – black  Outfit includes studded bustier, high-waisted shorts, and armwarmers.  Also available in white, purple, and crimson.

Rings – UtopiaH  My Cute Hand

Nails – PMD @ WGF  Nail HUD – Goth My Nails Up  This HUD only works with SLink mesh hands and the SLink Enhancement Nails.

Feet + Shoes (sold separately)  SLink  Womens Natural Barefeet/ Ilena Sandals – black/ tsg  X Tone SLink Avatar Enhancement Appliers Hands & Feet

PosesOrc Inc @ WGF  Look at my Awesome Nails Set (first photo)  Set is free only at WGF./ Vamp Set (second photo)  Each set includes 5 poses.

Shape – made by Fei Bourdeille (not for sale)  Leave him a notecard for shape inquiries.

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