100 Block opens & newness from Go!

The 100 Block is now open for business!  Expect lag so please dump any scripted items you don’t need before TPing in, there is a 50 script limit so if you’re ejected take some shit off and try again.  There are over 100 shops so please allow a minute or two for things to rez.  All shops have at least one event exclusive for 50% off, these will be marked with tags.


HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

HairAdoness @ 100 Block  Asteria – reds  Color packs are $90 each during the event except the “naturally” pack which is $125 (more colors).  Shaved hairbases are included in plain and a rose pattern (see bottom photo).  If you’re looking for something a bit more unique this is it down to the adorable wisps by the ear.  Also, these shaved bases are really well done and will probably come in handy with other hairs as well.

Skin – Pink Fuel  Alyx – porcelain

Freckles + Red Brow – Al Vulo!  Eleonor – natural porcelain  Tattoo layer included with that skin pack.

Eyes – Dead Apples  Shattered Eyes – ruin *NEW*  Available in a TON of colors.

Ears – Lemon Tea  Wood Elf Ears  From Fantasy Faire, but should be in the mainstore soon.

Earrings – Sweet Leonard @ Room 69  My Messy Hoops Set  Includes earrings in gold, silver (shown), and onyx.

BODY: Clothing/Accessories

NecklaceMG  Erzulie’s Love Charm  Includes silver, gold, long, and short versions.

T-shirtIzzie’s  Low Neck Tee – autumn set  Each set includes 4 colors on various layers, tango appliers available separately.

DressGo!  Marta Dress – 12 *NEW*  Very, very cute and yet still manages to pull off a “business casual” look.  Warning: most of you will see some nipple action with this dress unless you’re wearing a shirt underneath.

Legwarmers/Boots(red) Mint @ 100 Block  (Legwarmer) Platform Boots – No. 2  Ok seriously, just go buy a pair of these now!  They’re available in a few legwarmer textures (sock, leather, ostrich?, etc.), but each pair comes with a HUD full of color possibilities for every part and they’re only $199 during the event!  Six rigged sizes and one unrigged pair included.


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