A fundraiser and kickass boots

First off the fundraiser,  it’s called For Aeva Heartsick and (oddly enough) it’s a split profit sort of deal for Amesha Jewell, creator behind Aeva//Heartsick, to hopefully be able to buy a new computer.  This of course isn’t a life or death kind of thing for most people, but everyone’s circumstances are different and for some SL is their source of income.  If you would like to know more the official site is here.

Secondly, BOOTS!  I was sent some very nicely done mesh platform boots yesterday by the lovely Lindsey of LW.  There’s not much in the store at the moment besides glasses and boots, but there are free and discounted special editions of both available.  The boots are rigged mesh and include 3 sizes so please try the demo before you buy.  Every pair includes a HUD that will let you leave the boot all black or turn on the accent colors (toe point and sole) separately.  Also, most of the accent colors are very bright and vivid which should work really well for cyberpunk/goth looks as well as at least some sci-fi rp.


Photo taken @ Fiteiro Cultural

HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

HairChemistry  Buttons – reds  Rigged mesh, includes this main part plus 2 different bang style attachments.

Sunglasses – no longer available

Eyes – Dead Apples  Moon Eyes – green  Group gift, free to join, includes 6 colors with mesh prims.  Open group info and look in past notices.

Skin – Pink Fuel  Alyx – porcelain

Freckles – Al Vulo!  Eleonor – natural porcelain  Tattoo layer included with that skin pack.

Ears – Lemon Tea  Wood Elf Ears  From Fantasy Faire, but should be in the mainstore soon.

Earrings – Sweet Leonard  My Spiky Ball Earrings – set 2 *NEW*  Set includes earrings in brass, frost, silver, and onyx.

Pocky Sticks – Lemon Tea  Creamy Green Tea Pocky  Lucky board item.

BODY: Clothing/Accessories

Choker – Sweet Leonard  Curvy Choker – onyx *NEW*  Also available in silver and gold.

DressSakide @ For Aeva Heartsick  Somrig Dresses – black  Includes 3 versions, black top, white top, and gray top.

Bracelets/BanglesMG  Bangles-Damasc – silver

Rings – Sweet Leonard(left)  My Spiky Ball Rings  Includes rings in silver, frost, onyx, and brass./  Yummy(right)  Boho Ring Set – black

Nails – Nylon Outfitters  Glitter Tips  5 colors changeable and resizable by HUD

Tights/StockingsG Field  Rose Lace Leggings Set – white

BootsLW  Crushers<3 Platform Boots – noir  Rigged mesh, includes 3 sizes.  Thank you Lindsey!

Pose – HelaMiyo  Fashion Blogger  Set includes 5 poses with mirror versions.  All pose sets are now $100.

Shape – made by Fei Bourdeille (not for sale)  Leave him a notecard for shape inquiries.

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