They Came From Fantasy Faire

Fantasy Faire is live people and this is the perfect time to show you a couple of the little creatures looking for good homes.  I collect all kinds of avs and I have to say I love tinies a lot more since mesh was introduced.


Photo taken on the FF The DragonSpire sim

Can you see me?  I happened to find some crystals to hide among.  😛  This cute lil thing (and yes it actually is quite tiny) is a Golem from Curious Kitties @ FF.  The eyes are system while the head and body are 2 separate mesh pieces, there is also a HUD, but no matter what I pushed nothing changed so I’m not sure what it actually does for this av.  There’s a few colors to choose from (I’m wearing the eyes from the yellow golem), no AO included, but most AOs work with mesh avs thank god.


Photo taken on the FF Lumenaria sim

This adorable thing is the Kigurumi Girl av in white from Naminoke @ FF, also available in pink, black, and boy versions.  The dress and bows/flowers are included.  The flower is the Flower Floater in red from ThatChick @ FF.  She has a ton of wearable floaters available in all different colors AND Petites versions.

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