Fantasy Faire Preview

Almost that time again, Fantasy Faire runs this year from April 20th – 28th and will include 8 sims.  While you’re busy enjoying the scenery and shopping don’t forget the Relay For Life component to this event with proceeds from the marked vendors, auctions, the hunt, and “jail and bail” all going to the American Cancer Society.


Photos taken @ Skye Castles

SkinPlastik @ Fantasy Faire  Draziira Skin – anjuna  Available in male or female, each color also includes a base skin (color only refers to the markings), coordinating demon fades, eyes (not shown), and 2 pairs of ears (one plain, the other with matching markings).


KimonoNaminoke @ FF  Lotus – sunny day  Lots of detail and pieces to these, will be available in a few colors with a special purple version in the RFL vendors.  There will also be “mini” versions available which have a much shorter skirt in more of a dolly style.  Yes, the flexi skirts pretty much always curl upward like this so the skirt looks like it’s floating around your feet, how very powerful you look!  Might look really nice for water photos too.

PosesMusa @ FF  Gown Pose 001-010 pack  These came in really handy for this kimono and you ladies that like the gowns and long tight skirts will probably find these very useful too.

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