“I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore Toto”

This post came about through a few days procrastination, which led to me finding just the right place, and a few people’s help, whether they know it or not.  My friend Suze tped me to this very cute, unique, and free mesh Dorothy avatar which started the ball rolling.  Next, Violent Seduction is offering up this amazing mesh dress for $70 during the grand re-opening of the Cupcakes sim (sale ends February 3rd). Finally, I was looking through Flickr and noticed that Kei found an amazing Oz sim (where else would one take photos of Dorothy, besides Kansas).  After all that I give you Dorothy Gale!  The look of this avatar reminds me strongly of some strange french, stop motion, animation short I saw a few years ago by the way.


Photos taken @ Magic of Oz

DorothyCoCo  Wonderful World of Oz  Free gift includes full mesh Dorothy av(including shape and alpha), stuffed Toto, and 5 mesh display models of other popular Oz characters.

PosesFocus Poses @ Perfect Wardrobe  Valentine’s Day Set  Set includes 10 poses. (used in both photos) Focus also has a set of couples poses for this round.

And since I was here I decided to try my hand at Glinda the Good Witch of the South, although she came out slightly anime and probably not as goody goody as she wants everyone to believe.


Crown – LaViere  Fake Plastic Crown – majestic pack

HairMagika  Pretty – [03]

Ears – Lovely Alien (only on Marketplace)  Simple Elf Ears  Includes 4 types of unrigged mesh ears in two tones each, pale and gray.  There is no HUD so no scripts to lag, just use the edit menu to color match.

Eye patchBND  Flower Eye Patch – black & white

EyesBy Snow  Dolly Eyes – butter

Lashes – Maitreya  Mesh Eyelashes  Was a group gift a long time ago, not sure if these are still out.

Skin – The Sugar Garden  Angel – Xiaxue tone

Teeth – Shine  Vampire Teeth/Demon

Necklace –  Sweet Leonard & Needful Things  Midnight Roses – necklace *NEW*   Matching headband & rings also available but sold separately.

DressViolent Seduction  Versailles – cream  $70 through February 3rd!  Includes full and underbust versions, 2 sizes each, and lolas simple applier to be worn with underbust version.

Bracelets – Sweet Leonard & Needful Things  Golden Autumn Bangles  VIP gift that be picked up at either location.  Group is still around $70 to join I believe.

Tights/Pantyhose – Izzie’s  Sheer Tights (basics)  Includes 15 colors/tones.

Boots – G Field  Long Cuff Boots “Will” – ivory

Shape – made by Fei Bourdeille (not for sale)  Leave him a notecard for shape inquiries.

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