Do not disturb

I so love fairy tales and folklore so when I started thinking of the best way to show this look I thought that The Twelve Dancing Princesses could best explain why she looks so knackered.


A new round of Perfect Wardrobe opened a few days ago and with the theme being candy Kinu of Sakide released her vintage glam dresses and panties in three very pretty, candy pastel colors (blue, pink, & lavender).  If you want these on the cheap get them at PW before January 26th!

CrownLaViere  Fake Plastic Crown – pastel pack

Hair – charity item, no longer available to my knowledge

Ears – Lovely Alien (only on Marketplace)  Simple Elf Ears  Includes 4 types of unrigged mesh ears in two tones each, pale and gray.  There is no HUD so no scripts to lag, just use the edit menu to color match.

Skin – The Sugar Garden  Angel – Xiaxue tone

PantiesSakide @ Perfect Wardrobe  Vintage Glam Panties – pink & blue (each color sold separately)  Each set includes system bra & panties and mesh lower corset in 5 sizes.

Bracelets & Ring(sold separately) – Sweet Leonard & Needful Things  Pastel Love Bangles/ My Lill Octopus Rings – blue  Available in 8 colors, each color includes right and left attachments.

BootsSakide  Appeal Boots – pink  Includes 3 sizes, heel art is texture change by rezzing the boots and clicking them.

Bedfloorplan  Chair de Lune  seats 1, 6 poses. (face animation is from an emote HUD I found in the bowels of my inventory)

Shape – made by Fei Bourdeille (not for sale)  Leave him a notecard for shape inquiries.

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