Class clown

I was already wandering around in this outfit when Sweet Leonard released My Monocle so I decided a cute, funny post was definitely called for, enjoy!


Photos taken @ Hentai High (active RP sim so read the rules and mind your manners)

HairDura  Girl*40 (sienna)

Monocle & Moustache – Sweet Leonard & Needful Things  My Monocle [Deer] – black *NEW*  Available in black, silver, gold, and wood, includes moustache as a separate attachment.  Thank you Luna & Magdalena ❤

Skin – The Sugar Garden  Angel – Xiaxue tone

Lashes – Maitreya  Mesh Eyelashes  Was a group gift a long time ago, not sure if these are still out.

Eyes – Chus!  Dolly Augen – albino  Special color of her new release only available on the group lucky board, group is free to join.  Includes a third eye (forehead) and makeup layer.

EarsLovely Alien (only on Marketplace)  Simple Elf Ears  Includes 4 types of unrigged mesh ears in two tones each, use the pale for matching your pale, fair, vanilla, etc skin tones and the gray for tans, mochas, and darker nonhuman skins.  There is no HUD so no scripts to lag, just use the edit menu to color match.

GumPink Fuel  Yum! Bubblegum  Color change and includes static version for photos.

Tattoo – Sweet Leonard & Needful Things  Infinity-Love Tattoo *NEW*  Includes various layers for hip & neck tattoos.  Thank you Luna & Magdalena 🙂

Nails – EY:NO  French Long Nails & Leo-Bow Rings (nails only)

Poses – Focus Poses  Model Set 109  Set includes 7 poses.  Thank you Carol & Fabioss 🙂


CoatEdelweiss  School-Line Duffel Coat – pink  Includes short (worn) and long versions, inside of the hood is texture change by HUD, the button down shirt detail is actually part of the coat, includes all standard sizes.

Skirt – Edelweiss  School-Line Skirt – navy (plain)  Available in many colors plaid and plain, includes all standard sizes.

SocksS@bbia  Socks  4 pack is free on the counter along with a 3 pack of tights no need to join a group.

Shoes – u.f.o  Pikko Pikko Loafer – brown *MESH*  Includes standard and larger sizes, also includes an unrigged pair for any sizing issues.

Shape – made by Fei Bourdeille (not for sale)  Leave him a notecard for shape inquiries.

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