Christmas gifts & The Arcade

I’ve been hitting the Advent Calendars around the grid pretty hard the past few days and all of them are giving out some really nice stuff so far.  I have on a few examples in the photos even though these particular items are no longer out, which is why you need to go every day and get them all!

I also finally got some money and just as quickly spent it all at The Arcade trying to get certain items.  I now have like four [AUX] slouchy leather bows in brick if anyone wants one and I’m looking to trade an extra pair of the red Shearling Boots (like I’m wearing in the bottom photo) for white, brown, tan, or green.  I’m also still searching for the (fd) elf dolly head(rare) and will trade the vampire dolly head(rare) + the freckles smile dolly head for it. 


Photos taken @ Izzie’s

HairAlice Project @ Mint Tulip  Mandi – special Christmas advent colors, free!  *MESH*  Gift changes daily around 12pm SLT.  By the way, all this mesh hair has fit great with the doll head so try here if you’re having hair issues.  While you’re there…

BraceletsPerception @ Mint Tulip  Christmas Tree Bracelets – silver  Same deal as above.  I’d never heard of this store before the advent stuff, but she’s given away entire sets in gold and silver so far and they are SO well done I can’t wait to see what’s next!

HeadFashionably Dead @ The Arcade  Doll Head – neutral shiny  Unrigged mesh, 4 tones and eye colors by touch.  There are matching skins at the mainstore, but my skin was pretty close to the “pale” tone anyway.

Skin – The Sugar Garden  Angel – Xiaxue tone

Skin Whitener –  Chus!  Elemental White  In the corner with a bunch of other free things.

Dress/SweaterGo!  Schoolgirl *MESH* Group Christmas gifts are out!  There’s a box for boys and girls, each contains 2 Christmas editions of past releases, group is still $50 to join I believe.  Thank you Gocha 🙂

ShirtSakide  See-through Ribbed Shirt – white  Everything in the mainstore is 40% off until midnight tonight (Dec. 9th).

Rings –  Sweet Leonard & Needful Things  My Winter Memories – rings *NEW*  Includes right and left versions, matching necklace sold separately.  Thank you Luna & Magdalena ❤

Nails – Mandala  Female Nail Palette 1 (medium) 70 colors/styles and 5 nail shapes

PosesFocus Poses  Model Set 115 *NEW*  Set includes 7 poses.  Thank you Carol & Fabioss 🙂

Shape – made by Fei Bourdeille (not for sale) ❤  Leave him a notecard for shape inquiries.


Leggings – Sweet Leonard & Needful Things  Love Deer Jeggings – snow *NEW*  Available in 8 colors.  Thank you Luna & Magdalena ❤

BootsLaRoo @ The Arcade  Shearling Boots – red  Rigged mesh, one size, $50 a try.

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