With Love, Frost Fair, & newness from Sweet Leonard

Mos of us are already scrambling around in our real lives trying to get ready for the holidays, but there’s also quite a bit going on in SL this month with hunts, advent calendars, and winter themed events.  If you’re lost and completely overwhelmed I’ve tried to list as many things as I can over on my new Event and Hunt List so take a look.  🙂  Anyway, on to the fashion! 


HairWasabi Pills  Amelie (special color pack no longer available, but the regular color palette is) *MESH*  Hairband is texture change and mod.

Antlers – Half-Deer  Fawn Antlers – milk *MESH*  Gacha item

SkinAl Vulo!  Eleonor – Son of Flowers  Group gift, group is still free to join.  Includes Tango applier.

Eyes – The Sugar Garden   Reflections – fat pack

Lashes – Maitreya  Mesh Eyelashes  Group gift, group is free to join.

Makeup/Tattoo Layers – Chus!  Hasi’s Blushies  Includes 4 blushies with 2 versions of each. / Elemental White (skin whitener)  Both items are free at Chus!

Ears – Trap  Gelf Ears

Tattoo – Sweet Leonard & Needful Things  Oh My Deer Tattoo  *NEW*  Includes system and alpha layers.  Thank you Luna & Magdalena 🙂

Necklace – Sweet Leonard & Needful Things  My Lill Bow Necklace – black *NEW*  Also available in gold and silver.  Thank you Luna & Magdalena ❤

SweaterBeetlebones  Printed Cashmere Sweater (skeleton in blue) *MESH*  With Love ❤ Hunt item, $10.  Prize includes sweater in 2 patterns, 6 colors, each in 6 sizes.

Rings – Sweet Leonard & Needful Things  My Lill Octopus Rings – sand & rose  Each color sold separately, each includes right and left versions, 8 colors available.  Thank you Luna & Magdalena 🙂

Nails – Mandala  Female Nail Palette 1 (medium) 70 colors/styles and 5 nail shapes

ShortsLa petite fleur @ Frost Fair  Mesh Sweater + Short Pants  Exclusive to the event, outfit includes sweater (available in various colors), with and without turtleneck, and shorts in 3 sizes each.

Stockings/Pantyhose – Sakide  Warm Pantyhoses  Includes 9 colors.  Thank you Kinu ❤

Shape – made by Fei Bourdeille (not for sale) ❤  Leave him a notecard for shape inquiries.

ArtLisp (on Marketplace)  Jewel Wooden Block Prints  All their older items are on Marketplace for $10 each!


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