Sakide Around The World!

Ok, Kinu (owner of Sakide) is not actually on some jaunt around the world, but it made a nice title.  😛  Sakide is however participating in the Around The World event that started the 15th and will go on through November 29th.  The main landing point is a neat little airfield  with planes teleporting you to each of the continents (although those teleports didn’t work too well for me at all), also if you hit the board in front of you upon landing there’s a NC with LMs to all the shops (these work great).  Every designer picked, or was assigned (I have no clue what the process was), a continent and from that continent they could draw inspiration from any culture, country, province, or state they want.  Kinu got North America and drew her inspiration from Alaska with a very native feel to some of her designs for this event.  Got the gist of this yet, good because I have quite a few photos and all kinds of goodies to show you! 


OutfitSakide @ Around The World  Fur Overall Outfit – black  Includes mesh overall in 4 sizes, unrigged mesh boots, and matching shrug (not shown).  Outfit is available in black, white, and tan/beige.  Thank you Kinu ❤

Sweater – Sweet Leonard & Needful Things  Feather Turtleneck & Necklace Scarf – olive *NEW*  The turtleneck is on system layers and the scarf/necklace is mesh with resizer script.  Available in olive, black, and brown.  Thank you Luna & Magdalena 🙂

Ring – Sweet Leonard & Needful Things  Love You ❤ Ring – golden wood  Includes left and right rings, there’s also a matching necklace sold separately.  Thank you Luna & Magdalena 🙂

Leggings – Sweet Leonard & Needful Things  My Birdy Jeggings – apple  Available in 9 colors, sold separately or as a fat pack.   Thank you Luna & Magdalena 🙂

Nails – Mandala  Female Nail Palette 1 (medium) 70 colors/styles and 5 nail shapes (worn in all photos)

Poses –  Focus Poses  Model Set 111 *NEW*  Set includes 7 poses. (used in all photos)   Thank you Fabioss & Carol!


Outfit – Sakide @ Around The World  Tanned Skin Outfit – brown  Includes mesh dress in 4 sizes, matching shrug (different design than the last outfit), and rigged mesh Ugg boots.  Outfit is available in brown, white, and black.  Thank you Kinu ❤

NecklaceHouse of Rain @ Unhinged Festival  First & Last & Always – opal  Gacha item, fundraiser is open through December 15th.


Coat – Sakide @ Around The World  Cozy Coat – white  Includes black, tan, and white fur collar versions, 5 sizes for each.  Coat is available in white, tan, and black (each with the different fur collar versions).  I love this coat, despite being so puffy it still manages to have a very feminine silhouette so you look very warm, but not completely lost in the bulkiness.  Thank you Kinu ❤

Slippers – Sakide @ Around The World  Far North Slippers & Socks – tan *MESH*  Includes 2 versions of slippers (with and without the native art), also rigged and unrigged socks (not shown).  Available in tan, white, and black.  Thank you Kinu ❤

SocksGawk! @ Around The World  Norwegian Knit Socks – white  Includes cuffs and foot attachment (not shown), also available in gray and black.

Shape – made by Fei Bourdeille (not for sale) ❤  Leave him a notecard for shape inquiries.


AntlersO.M.E.N  Antler Branches Sets – spiders & butterflies  Includes 4 sets with spiders, 4 with butterflies in various colors for antlers and butterflies.

HairMagika  Little [3] *MESH* **NEW**

EyesChus!  Foggy Lenses  The 4 pack with prims is $20 through November 21st so hurry!

Makeup – Chus!  Anthro Lenses & Anthro Ups – ghost  Includes makeup in 3 versions and matching eyes with prims (not shown).  Available in various colors with one set on the group only lucky board, group is free to join.

Lashes – Maitreya  Mesh Eyelashes  Group gift, group is free to join.

Skin – The Sugar Garden  Angel – Xiaxue tone  Includes cleavage and regular versions with light, dark, and no brow options.

Lips – The Sugar Garden  Baby Smooches – pale  Includes 5 colors with and without teeth.

Ears – Trap  Gelf Ears  All kinds of options in the HUD and includes 3 ear positions.

*Moles are a past group gift from Mock and not available for the moment (that I know of anyway)*

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