The Sexier Side of Halloween

This post is more for those ladies who still want to show their Halloween spirit, but aren’t really into full, bulky costumes.  Some of the items below are free and some are from the Scary Face Gacha Fair going on now over at the Depraved Nation sim.


Crown – LaViere @ Collabor88  Fake Plastic Crown – majestic pack  *MESH*  Includes 4 colors, also available in other color packs.

HairTameless Hair @ BOHO  Cher – blues & greens  BOHO exclusive available in all color packs.  Thanks Nita!

Skin & Lips – Modish @ BOHO   Kukla – fair, Kukla Lips – set C (it was either from Set C or D I bought both and can’t remember which I wore)  Kukla and the lipsticks made to fit her are exclusives and if you’re looking for something a bit less innocent try the other event exclusive, Bonnie.  Both skins are available in 5 tones and include dark/light brow, cleavage/normal versions.

Freckles – Cupcakes  Packaged with the Emma skins.

Ears – Illusions  Brownie Ears *MESH*

Lashes – Maitreya  Mesh Eyelashes  Group gift, group is free to join.

CondomEpic @ Scary Face Gacha Fair  Ohmai Kawaii Monster Condom – mummie  10 cute lil monsters in all to collect.  Thanks Jade!

Axe – Epic @ Scary Face Gacha Fair  Kawaii Bloody Murder Backpack – orange  Includes particle dripping blood, 10 colors to collect.  A minuture “mouthie” version of these are also available at the fair.  Thanks Jade!

Dress – Sakide @ Scary Face Gacha Fair  Trick or Treat Dress *MESH*  8 dresses to collect (the one I’m wearing is the only Halloween specific design), each includes 5 sizes.  Thanks Kinu!

Gloves & Stockings/SocksParadisis  The Pumpkin Jelly Socks, Gloves  Free in the Pumpkin Jelly Hunt (sim/store hunt) this week.  More prizes added every Sunday!

NailsCandy Nail  Tears – Halloween  Current group gift, includes nails, bracelets, and earrings.  I believe there is a fee to join when a group gift is out.

Poses (used in both photos) – Focus Poses @ Perfect Wardrobe  Naughty Set  Includes 10 poses for $85!  This collection changes in another week or less so get it soon before it’s back to regular price.   Thank you Fabioss & Carol!

Shape – made by Fei Bourdeille (not for sale)   Leave him a notecard for shape inquiries.


Panties & Bra – Paradisis  Free in the Pumpkin Jelly Hunt (sim/store hunt) this week.

ShoesSevered Garden  Sub-O Halloween Gift, also available in-store if you missed it or haven’t subscribed yet.

* Eyes and necklace are no longer available to my knowledge.*

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