Scary Face Gacha Fair is OPEN!

If you have any money left from The Arcade or need another gacha fix now that it’s over go ahead and hop on over to the Scary Face Gacha Fair.  This event started the 15th and will go on through the end of the month.  It is Halloween themed, but with so many stores participating and the different colors/designs available of everything you’re sure to find a lot of things you can wear even after Halloween.  To see more detailed photos of what’s available try the official page here.  I will be showing a few more items from this fair next post, but for now I give you Skull Bear!


BearNaminoke @ Scary Face Gacha Fair  Bear Avatar – Skull Bear (rare) *MESH*  The bear avatar gacha is $40 a try with 7 stitched bears, 7 pandas, and 2 rares.  Each avatar includes 2 shapes, small and tall.  The skull bear makes me want to jump in a Tim Burton movie, it is so ridiculously cute and just a little creepy.  Thank you Taiko!

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