No tricks just treats

I get so excited when October rolls around that I’m usually all Halloween’ed out by the time Halloween actually gets here, especially on SL.  I already have my trick-or-treat basket so I decided to show you how the BOHO Culture Fair sim is looking so far and also see if I could exchange candy for clothes (no such luck though).  This event starts the 15th with all the stores offering a freebie/dollarbie along with at least one exclusive (and you don’t even need to bribe them with candy for the freebie!).


Crown – LaViere @ Collabor88  Fake Plastic Crown – majestic pack  *MESH*  Includes 4 colors, also available in other color packs.

HairMagika  Faint – candy corn *MESH*  special Halloween gift includes candy corn and blood dyes.  Join the sub-o and pick up your gift in-store free!

Ears – Illusions  Brownie Ears *MESH*

Lashes – Maitreya  Mesh Eyelashes  Group gift, group is free to join.

Eyes – Insufferable Dastard  Anime – yellow  Includes 3 styles and mesh prims.

Tag – Paradisis  Cute Price Tag “free candy” *MESH*  Free in the Pumpkin Jelly Hunt (sim/store hunt) this week, prizes change tomorrow so hurry if you want to collect everything!

Skin & LipsModish @ BOHO (right behind me in the photo)  Kukla – pale, Kukla Lips – set C  I absolutely adore this face, she’s so CUTE!  Kukla and the lipsticks made to fit her are exclusives and if you’re looking for something a bit less innocent try the other event exclusive, Bonnie.  Both skins are available in 5 tones and include dark/light brow, cleavage/normal versions.  Thank you Ele!

FrecklesCupcakes  Packaged with the Emma skins.  Maybe all their skins include freckle layers?

TeethModish  Prim Teeth  Includes 6 options with different alpha layers even two of them marked “smaller” for smaller heads/mouths.  I’ve always had problems fitting prim teeth, they ended up never looking quite right to me.  One of these smaller options fit me which is great, but the drawbacks are that they’re no mod and fullbright.

Necklace – Mustang Trading Post @ BOHO  Grace Set – amethyst  Exclusive item includes matching earrings (not shown).  Thank you Jon!

TopBoom  It’s Nipply – black

Poses – Focus Poses @ BOHO  Boho Set  Exclusive includes 7 poses.  Set used in both photos.  Thank you Fabioss & Carol!


OverallsGo!  Overalls – rosa  *MESH*  Includes 5 sizes, also available in other colors.

Tail – Panda Express  D+K Tail Bits – plain

Arm WarmersEpic  Rigged Mesh Arm Warmers – hearts  Includes 4 sizes, right and left attach separately, and there’s a color HUD to make them any color your lil heart desires.

Rings –  UtopiaH   Mess Rings – silver

Eyeball BucketSchadenfreude  Treat Bucket 2012 *MESH*  Allegory gives one of these out for free every year, anyone can click it and receive candy, horns, rideable brooms, any number of things.  The eye changes color every time you attach or log on.  Not recommended for wear to events or already laggy sims, it adds over 20 scripts to your script count.

Socks – G Field  Button Socks – basic 7  Available in different color packs or the fat pack.  Includes KneeHigh and OverKnee versions.

Shoes – G Field  Wedge Bootie “Beth” – ash *MESH*  Includes 2 sizes, an unrigged pair, and HUD to change lace, sole, and eyelet color.

Shape – made by Fei Bourdeille (not for sale)   Leave him a notecard for shape inquiries.

*Nails no longer available to my knowledge.*

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