Sad Panda (hamster)

The title of this post was going to be a lot happier, but I logged on last night to this notice from The Arcade group.

Due to an excessive amount of customers selling rare items for their own profit, we are shutting down group chat indefinitely.

We do NOT condone the over-priced selling of any items from The Arcade for self-profit. We hope you reconsider purchasing from anyone who is trying to make money off of designer’s items, and look to trading or trying the machine to get your item. Please remember we are open a whole month, if you cannot get in you have plenty of time to try. Let’s keep a positive spirit!

Yet again a very few have managed to fuck up a very nice concept for everyone.  I loved the open group chat part of this event as most of the items in the gachas at The Arcade are trans.  I’ve been to gacha events before and the open trading in group is definitely what was missing from them.  Joining the group for trade was even encouraged at the event which was nice to know as I’m not sure I’d even had joined the group otherwise (I’m trying to save the group spaces I have left for blogging and store groups).  Yes, some people were clearly out to make a profit as there will always be when the words “rare” or “collectible” are used, but most were trading, looking for items, or selling at or below gacha prices.  The tragic fact is that disabling group chat only hurts the people who were using it properly in the first place, the people out to sell their “rare” items will barely bat an eye at a disabled group chat before finding another way.

So anyway, I did have a lot of fun at this event, spent too much money of course, but I’m sure many people have said the same after a trip to the real Coney Island or any type of fair/carnival.  Money becomes secondary at these kinds of things as long as everybody had a good time.


EarsAuxiliary @ The Arcade  Gacha Mouse Ears (bow) – white 1

Hamster Avatar – Beetle Bones @ The Arcade  Dwarf Hamster Gacha – panda  This includes the cutest AO I think I’ve ever seen!

Camera – Teefy @ The Arcade  Vintage Brownie Camera – jellybean  Includes a version worn around the neck and one hanging on the shoulder.

Chair – Art Dummy! @ The Arcade  Pandora’s Wooden Legs (chipped blue)  Includes 4 animations, adjustable.

All the above listed items are mesh.  The Arcade is open through October 15th and will open again with new items in December.

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