A prom dress finds SecondLife

Mmhmm, I am punny!  =P  So about that title… a new round over at Acid Lily Gallery started today and I had to look twice when I received a prom gown for review.  Since I’m not likely to ever do a prom post I started thinking about why people donate prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses to organizations like Salvation Army and Goodwill.  Who do they expect to buy these things or even to be there looking for these things?  My thought was that it would take a very special person, or even slightly mad person to pull off a prom dress just out and about during the day.


Photos taken @ Zigana.  Yes, I liked it so much I wanted to use the place too!  =D

DressFurore @ Acid Lily  Mesh Prom Gown – pink  Includes 6 sizes and prim wings (not shown)  Available until Sunday.  Thank you Katilena!

Feet –  SLink  Womens Natural Barefeet *MESH*  Includes HUD for color matching and nails, 6 sizes, and mod ankle blenders on sock and tattoo layers.

Pose – Focus Poses  Model 83 Set  *NEW* Set includes 7 poses.  Thank you Fabioss & Carol!

Shape – made by Fei Bourdeille (not for sale) ❤  Leave him a notecard for shape inquiries.


TiaraTurducken  My Princess Tiara  Lots of metals and jewels options by clicking on the top jewel.  There is a 50% clearance  sale on soon to be retired items currently going on at the mainstore.

HairRed Mint  (Mesh) No. 5 – fantasy w/ locks pack *NEW*

HornsNeedful Things  Yummy Popsicle Horns  Free in The Rebel’s Playground hunt.

Makeup –  Acid & Mala  Pastel Lipsticks  11 colors with and without teeth.  Black Eyeliner – excessive pack  Includes 4 styles of black eyeliner.

Eyes – A.D.D. Andel  Distortion Eyes Shine Set   Set includes 4 system eyes with mesh prims.

Lashes – Maitreya  Mesh Eyelashes  Group gift, group is free to join.

Ears – Illusions  Brownie Ears *MESH*

Skin – Pink Fuel  Elly <sugar> – pure/angelic

Necklace – Acid & Mala  My Yummy Necklace – white pearls

TattooFlaunt @ Perfect Wardrobe  Counting Sheep Tattoo  Includes fresh and faded (shown) versions on all layers including full tattoo layers.

Rings & Nails – UtopiaH @ Perfect Wardrobe  Strawberry Ice Cream Hand Set  This set is sooooo adorable and the nails and rings are even separate! /

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