Summer Serenity

I visited the Fu-rin Festival over at Pluto+ yesterday, mostly because I had no idea what a fu-rin was.  It’s a very small event, but there are more than fu-rin offered so it’s worth a trip.  So, as soon as I got there and heard them I realized I’d heard fu-rin all over SL and just had no idea what was making the noise before.  I liked these japanese wind bells so much I bought one.  They’re a lot less noisy than the windchimes I’m used to here in America, but create a more serene mood for it in my opinion anyway.


This isn’t your typical fu-rin, most of them resemble upturned glass fishbowls from what I’ve seen, but I think it fits my house and me perfectly.  This is the Daisy Fu-rin from Sway’s, available at the festival and mainstore.  The top is scripted to chime every 10 seconds, 30 seconds, or randomly while the bottom rotates the leaf as if a breeze were blowing it around (rotation can be turned on or off).


Hat/HairMons @ Hair Fair  Mare fatpack  $1 fatpack only available at Hair Fair, hat is not texture change.

Eyes – A.D.D. Andel  Distortion Eyes Shine Set for Stumblebum Brigade*NEW*  Set includes 4 system eyes with mesh prims, set is also available for Petites (sold separately).

Skin & Makeup – Pink Fuel  Elly <sugar> – pure/angelic, Sheer Balm pack included with skin.

Ears – Illusions  Brownie Ears *MESH*

TattooPiccara  Love Tattoo  Free in The Makeup & Tattoo Hunt.

TopSakide @ Private Room Event  Bitch I’m Awesome Knit Top – black/white *NEW* **MESH** Comes in a 2 color pack, shirts are available in a bunch of sayings and colors until August 6th.  Thank you Kinu!

DessertNonino @ Fu-rin Festival  Snow Cone – strawberry  Looks more like a sundae to me and a huge one at that, gacha prize with other flavors available.

Bangles – Sway’s @ Fu-rin Festival  Wooden Bangles – nature  Gacha prize, $22 per play.  By the way, you only get one I won the same twice so I attached it to the other wrist.

NailsPididdle  Manicure Set 001  Includes 5 textures changeable by HUD.

PantsAXE @ Acid Lily  Balinda Jeans – light blue *MESH*  Includes 5 sizes, available in various colors.

Feet & Shoes –  SLink  Womens Natural Barefeet *MESH*  Includes HUD for color matching and nails, 6 sizes, and mod ankle blenders on sock and tattoo layers.   Aussie Thongs – yellow  This is an add-on for the mesh feet, sold separately and available in many colors.  Feet are available in a men’s version and the thongs do include sizes for men.

And in the background you may have noticed The Highwayman Set from Lisp.  This includes the painting and the clock table with the horse statuette, also included but not shown is a rug and lamp.

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