Pastel Princess

When I was putting this look together I did not say to myself, “Oh! I know, I’m going to try and wear every pastel color ever thought of!”  I really must’ve needed some brightening up or something.  😛

Anyway, a new wave started today over at ZombiePopcorn Brand featuring House of Fox, paper.doll, Purple Poses, .Sweet Antidote., .:ellabella:., Dreamscapes Art Gallery, cStar Limited, & Sassy!.  You have until July 21st to get your greedy little hands on this stuff so start checking the couch cushions for change!


Hair – Dela  SL9B freebie *MESH*  This hair, in 2 lengths, 2 colors for each, is now also available as a group gift.  Group is free to join, look in past notices.

EyesBy Snow  Dolly Eyes – butter  All her eyes are $15 each and there’s even some freebies on marketplace.

LashesMaitreya  Mesh Eyelashes (can be seen better in bottom photo)  Group gift, group is free to join.

LipsAcid & Mala  Pastel Lipsticks  11 colors with and without teeth for $100

Ears – Illusions  Brownie Ears *MESH*

Piercingellabella @ ZPB  Pretty Pearls Upon My Lips – blush (item can be seen better in bottom photo)  Piercing also available in black & white and sienna.  Thank you!

Skin – Pink Fuel  Elly <sugar> – pure/angelic

Necklace – Kosh  Angel Key Necklace

OutfitA&A @ TDR  Shoti Outfit – blue  Includes 2 versions, with/without bra and panties, and includes socks.  Unfortunately the really cute bra and panties do not come on separate layers.  No idea when this collection is changed over so if you want it go get it.

Bracelets/Bangles – Needful Things  Pastel Love Bangles

Boots – Enelya’s Creations  ABL Army Boots – pastel *MESH*  Ok, if you’re looking at this blog you probably like shoes, so go get these right now!  The HUD includes four pastel colors blue, pink, yellow, and green with 2 liner textures for each.  A steal at $99 and there’s also a basics pack available!

Shape – made by Fei Bourdeille (not for sale) ❤  Leave him a notecard for shape inquiries.

Stairs & Poses – Purple Poses @ ZPB  Stair Poses  Includes 5 poses, poseballs, pose stand, and mesh stairs.  Thank you!


*Hairband, eye makeup, and nails are no longer available to my knowledge.*

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