I’m here and alive!!

I’m here, I’m here!!  I haven’t felt like blogging lately, actually I haven’t felt like doing anything lately so I guess it’s time to try shoving and kicking my way out of this funk.  This CUTE dress from Aura did cheer me up a little though.  This Summer Sun dress in mint is the newest group gift and includes 5 sizes(mesh).  I’m not sure how much the group is anymore since the fee was raised back in May, but stop in and take a look at all the group gifts by the entrance to see if it’s for you or not.  And oh yes, more colors of this dress are available at FaMeshed through the end of the month.

DressAura  Summer Sun – long – mint *MESH*  Group gift, paid group.

NecklaceMustang Outpost @ Summer By The Sea Gacha Festival  Seaside Mist – orange/green  Gacha item available in 6 color combinations, includes matching earrings (not shown), $35 per play.  Festival is on through July 7th.

NailsShock  Plaid in Colors Nails  Wear the HUD to resize and switch between 5 textures.

HairDela  [Update]  This hair, in 2 lengths, 2 colors for each, is now available as a group gift.  Group is free to join, look in past notices.

Eyes – Insufferable Dastard  Dilated v2 – fatpack  Includes system eyes and mesh prims.

Ears – Illusions  Brownie Ears *MESH*

Skin – Pink Fuel  Elly <sugar> – pure/angelic

Tail – Panda Express  D+K Tail Bits – plain

Gum – Pink Fuel  Yum! Bubblegum  Includes color options, sound and animation on/off, and static bubble for photos.

Bracelets – Needful Things  Luna Bangles  In-store group gift, group is $70 to join.

FeetSLink  Womens Natural Barefeet *MESH*  Includes HUD for color matching and nails, 6 sizes, and mod ankle blenders on sock and tattoo layers.  Male version also available.  Since these cost more than almost any shoe you will be seeing these a lot.  😛

Shape – made by Fei Bourdeille (not for sale) ❤  Leave him a notecard for shape inquiries.

Poses – Focus Poses  Jewelry Set  Thank you Fabioss & Carol!

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