Rainbow Brite whaaa?

It’s odd sometimes how one little thing (or not so little thing in this case) can inspire you.  I logged in this morning knowing I was going to try to get some pics for a blog post done, but no real plan in mind yet.  So, I was going through notices since I hadn’t been on all day and got a few things from the new wave at ZombiePopcorn Brand that starts today (as soon as they get it all changed over).  Who isn’t going to try on something called a Rainbow Twister when they get it is the real question here.  Yes, the Rainbow Twister from Weather! or not? is huge and I had no idea what to do with it for a few minutes all I knew is that I LOVED all the colors and wanted to use it.

I finally decided, “Hey, where better to take photos of a giant rainbow whirlwind than the game within a game Linden Realms!”  I’ve actually never played this, but the look of the sims remind me of a lot of classic games on SNES and Playstation.  I went through Portal 4, but all of them probably look pretty much the same.


RainbowWeather! or not? @ ZPB  Rainbow Twister  This is a wearable attachment that I do not recommend attaching in a full sim or a club, includes spine and pelvis attachments. (you only need to wear one not both)

Pose – Focus Poses @ ZP Carnival  Carnival Pack  Includes 9 poses and 2 mesh (I think) balloon props.

This next photo is mostly just for me, the whirlwind of bright colors made me want a closeup.


Tail – Panda Express  D+K Tail Bits – plain

Tattoo (on back of legs) – Utopiah  Cut My Legs Tattoo – bows  Includes bows, strawberries, skulls, and cards versions.


HeartNoRe! @ Meow  Spinny Heart  Free mod spinny heart so everyone knows they should love you instantly!  =P

Hair – Magika  Dare – trio pack *MESH*  Includes a small and large size, but try demo to be sure.

Barrette/Hair Ribbon – Ci Co @ ZPB  Carlia Set – midnight cowboy  Includes matching earrings (not worn).

Ears – Illusions  Brownie Ears *MESH*

Skin – Pink Fuel  Elly <sugar> – pure/angelic

Eyesamato @ Midnight Dream  12 June Rainy  Includes 3 sizes, free at the event.  Lots of freebies and cuteness here by the way, I think it’s on until the 30th.

Makeup(this is layered so I’ll go by layers) – Pink Fuel (1)  dolly gloss – bitten came with Elly skin, Mock (2)  Oceans Breeze Heart’s Desire Makeover  Group gift still in notices, group is $250 to join, but just with the gifts in the notices as of now it’s totally worth it!  Kosh (3)  Makeup Demos – Smooth Cat Eyeshadow – bing  The box of demos includes 4 lip colors and 1 eyeshadow that are wearable, FREE!

NecklaceUseful Things @ June Festival  Broken Heart Necklace  Includes color change HUD which looks exactly like the color chart in edit so you can make the heart ANY color.  This is either free or $1, lots of freebies and dollarbies in the little cupcakes at this event, on until the 30th.

Bra + TopXplosion  SweetFlower Dress – rose for Depraved Summer Love  (hunt) Dress comes in plain and flowered version, bra on separate layer in black and white, and large and small skirt prims.

Skirt – 1 Hundred @ June Festival  Delite Ruffled Mini – hearts and polka *MESH*  Includes 5 sizes and demo is available.

Bracelets/BanglesSleeping Koala  Skinny Bangles for The Accessories Hunt  Includes two color sets, spring and candy.

Ring (right) – Tentacio @ June Festival  Ring -blue  Free gift includes rings in blue,  coral, green, and orange.

ShoesGos  Espadrilles – tie dye for Taste of SL Hunt  Mmhmm, these are free!

Shape – made by Fei Bourdeille (not for sale) ❤  Leave him a notecard for shape inquiries.

PosePurple Poses @ ZP Carnival  Kristen   Pack includes 10 poses.

*Nails are a past group gift and no longer available to my knowledge.*

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