Something here is not like the others…

So, most of us have seen the Petites by now yes?  Most, if not all are very cutesy reminding me more of the Victorian era flower fairies than anything else.  Cute has it’s place, I mean if I’m a cute elf no one’s paying attention to all the mischief I’m getting into which is what the fae do.  😛  I’ve always been more into the actual Celtic and Irish folklore though, where the fae are not always pretty and almost never kind to humans unless they want something that you’re most likely not willing to give unless tricked out of it.  Something like that might be the reason I really like the Undead Fey Petite from Fallen Gods Inc. only available at the ZombiePopcorn Carnival which is on through June 30th.

Along with folklore I also love urban fantasy where quite a few authors suppose that all our old myths, legends, even gods and goddesses are still around, but very diminished since their power is directly affected by people’s belief in them.  So when I saw this Petite I didn’t see Undead Fey I saw The Morrigan if she were still around, a lot smaller, less powerful, and even more twisted than she once was.  One of the shapes she was known to take was that of a crow flying over warriors in battle, but what if now she just hides as a crow from human eyes feeding on the dead where she finds them?  This is what the feathers this avatar appears to wear remind me of, so enjoy the dark I say.  🙂


Photos taken @ China Bamboo Ink

PetiteFallen Gods Inc. @ ZP Carnival  Undead Fey  Complete mesh avatar available in female and male versions includes wings, shape, various heads (elf, human, no ears), body versions (bloody, clean), hands (pointing, open, fists), eyes (bloody and undead) and jewelry.  This skin for regular sized avs is also available.

HairWasabi Pills  Dragon Petite Mesh Hair – blacks  Hair for Petites is located near the back of the store.  *You can also try some of the hair you already have if it’s mod or the resizer in it will go small enough, but rigged mesh can’t be resized*

Tail – Panda Express  D+K Tail Bits – plain  Yes, I did mod this from my regular av to Petites size.  YAY!

BatsEpic  Bat Buddy! for Depraved Summer Love Hunt  You get 5 of these cute lil bats in regular and Petites size to wear or add to your av making them fly around you in a circle.


Thank you so very much to all the designers participating in Depraved Summer Love and the ZombiePopcorn Carnival for making some truly great stuff and keeping this little blogger happy and busy! <3333333333333333

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