Drafted into A Rusted Development

So early, early this morning I visited one of the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) sims, A Rusted Development, mostly because I saw Bryn Oh was involved.  I adore Bryn Oh, but after visiting this sim I think I have a few more favorite artists.  It is clear a lot of work went into this installment and the artists to thank for this amazing build are Haveit Neox, Rose Borchovski, Artistide Despres, Claudia222 Jewell, Bryn Oh, Scottius Polke, Ziki Questi, PJ Trenton, Blue Tsuki, Stephen Venkman, Eliza Wierwight, and Trill Zapatero.

While wandering the sim I found the cutest elephants ever!  Say hello to Woody (get it?) oh the iron-y (hah, and again).

ShirtForever Young @ Jersey Shore  Vintage Off Shoulder Tee (Cash)  *MESH*  Grenade Free Wednesday item. (still on sale as of this post)  Includes a few sizes and lots of different bands available.

Pose – Diesel Works  Shyla Poses

What am I standing on you ask?  Oh these are just the bones of a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge whale that used to haul this city around on it’s back.

OutfitSakide  Army Girl Outfit for Drafted Hunt!  Includes MESH corset in a bunch of sizes, high waist panties with or without garters, stockings, the boots (you can hide or show the socks), and pasties (not shown).  Very much worth the $5 for this hunt item.  Thank you Kinu!

HairYassine Hair Style @ GSP  Zarko Hair male/unisex item  Includes matching hairbase and since I have no idea when this collection changes either you better go get it now.

Skin – Mother Goose’s  Charmy 1L  Yes, that’s right this amazingly pretty skin is on a shelf for $1.

Piercing – Pekka @ Private Room Event  Weakness (unisex)  I have no idea when they change the collection here so if you want it go get it soon!

Face Tape –  Xplosion  Face Tattoo Stripes – white

Necklace – Mandala   Shamira Dog Tag

TattoosJuicy Box  Lagrimas de Cocodrilo Tattoo (chest + shoulders) Thank you Jossy ❤  FreakyDesign/Flaunt  Military Fetish Sleeves Tattoo for Drafted Hunt!  Flaunt is only on Marketplace here, but the prize for the hunt is in with the FreakyDesign prize.  $5 per prize for this hunt.

BraWhippet & Buck  Sasha Lingerie  Includes panties (not shown)

Tail – Panda Express  D+K Tail Bits – plain  Pera and Panda Express collaboration features 11 skin tones + 1 for tinting and the poofy hairball thingy has a bunch of color options too.

BraceletsNeedful Things  Luna Bangles  In-store group gift, group is $70 to join.

GlovesSakide @ World Goth Faire  Studs Gloves – white  Gacha item, there’s also long gloves and skull gloves gachas at the event.  Thank you Kinu!

NailsVirtual Insanity  Black Camo Nails for Drafted Hunt!  Includes sizes 10, 20, and 30.  Prizes for this hunt are $5.

Shape – made by Fei Bourdeille (not for sale)  ❤

Pose – Focus Poses  Model Set 57  Thank you Fabioss & Carol!

Eyes and ears no longer available.

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