My Mornings

So we’ll start off my morning post with these Coffee Cup Set poses from Focus Poses, tyvm Fabioss & Carol.  There’s nine in the set and a nonrigged mesh coffee cup with three textures to choose from is included.  I don’t drink coffee so we’ll just pretend there’s chai in there which I adore.

Caffeine alone will not wake me up, I absolutely live for music.  What, you don’t wake up with heels on?  It’s just me and Barbie then I guess.  Speaking of these heels, they’re free!  These “Alex” Strap Shoes in yellow are free from G Field @ Culture Shock which I think only has a few days left.  Oh, and the bracelets I’m wearing?  The Luna Bangles are the newest group gift at Needful Things and Sweet Leonard, group is only $70 to join (I think) and there is a ton of group gifts laying around the store(s).  I have blogged this shelf and record player before here.

Mmhmm I went shopping again, BUT I hit up Collabor88 and My Attic, both big money saving, collection type of events.  This adorable mesh hair, aptly named Secret Summer, from Exile for example is only $95 per color pack @ My Attic. The Baggy Backless Shirt Dress is from Boom @ Collabor88 for yes, $88.  I know Collabor88 has had its new collection up since the 8th, but frankly the ad for this dress makes it look bulky and unflattering as hell so I didn’t even try the demo until last night.  So, if you go pay no attention to the ad for this dress and just try the demo!

This cute little skin, complete with makeup and brow shape, is Mint Flavor in fair from Modish.  It’s one of her speciality skins on the wall by the group gift so it’s only available in the one tone, and a steal at $100.

The Rest

Eyes – Insufferable Dastard  Beach Eyes – pack 2

Piercing – Pekka @ Private Room Event  Weakness (unisex)  I have no idea when they change the collection here so if you want it go get it soon! (was still there as of this morning)

Tail – Panda Express  D+K Tail Bits – plain  Pera and Panda Express collaboration features 11 skin tones + 1 for tinting and the poofy hairball thingy has a bunch of color options too.  Did I mention that the hair tuft on the end can be tinted too?  Just choose the silver, one of the whites, or a color a little lighter than what you’re trying to match in the tail pop-up, then hit the “edit linked” box in the edit menu, and de-select the actual tail portion.  If you have no idea what you’re doing make a copy first, then play.

Nails – EY:NO  French Long Nails & Leo-Bow Rings (nails only)

Shape – made by Fei Bourdeille (not for sale)  ❤

Ears are no longer available.

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