Private Room, Sakide, lamb, & more

My inventory cried uncle so I stopped long enough to blog two looks for you while it recovers.  =P

SkinMother Goose’s  Charmy 1L  Yes, that’s right this amazingly pretty skin is on a shelf for $1 so pop over and get it before she comes to her senses!  Skin does include a brow option that I’m not wearing.

Hair – lamb  Ruby – macaron pack *MESH* **NEW**  No seriously, try the demo first because I had flashes of scalp showing through inbetween some of the mesh prims, but a matching hairbase does wonders.  Hairbase is not included, mine is from Wasabi Pills which are mod for tinting.

Piercing – Pekka @ Private Room Event  Weakness (unisex)  I have no idea when they change the collection here so if you want it go get it soon!

EyesUmeboshi  Live, Laugh, & Love Eye Set for YOLO Hunt  Includes 3 sets of eyes, with mesh prims (but these do show through glasses so no clue there), for free!

LipsAcid & Mala  Parted Lips (unisex)  Group gift that includes a bunch of tattoo layers for parted lips with teeth including gloss and regular versions.  Group is $10 to join I think.

ScarfPlastik  Maelvada Scarf – rosa *MESH*  Lucky board prize that includes three scarves, three sizes each.  If you want these you better get them soon because the boards will start being changed every week.

Sweater  B@r Rose mesh section  Bukka Bukka *MESH*  Try the demo because there is only one size, includes green, brown, pink, and white.  This is also available in a men’s version.

Tail – Panda Express  D+K Tail Bits – plain  Pera and Panda Express collaboration features 11 skin tones + 1 for tinting and the poofy hairball thingy has a bunch of color options too.  Did I mention that the hair tuft on the end can be tinted too?  Just choose the silver, one of the whites, or a color a little lighter than what you’re trying to match in the tail pop-up, then hit the “edit linked” box in the edit menu, and de-select the actual tail portion.  If you have no idea what you’re doing make a copy first, then play.

Nails – EY:NO  French Long Nails & Leo-Bow Rings (nails only)

PantsSakide  Smoking Suit MESH Pants – beige *New Color*  Includes several sizes and also a matching top.  I love that these cuffs are wide enough to be worn with some of the bulkier shoes which seems to be a problem lately with most mesh pants.  Thank you Kinu!

ShoesTulip  Watershed – army

Shape – made by Fei Bourdeille (not for sale)  ❤

PoseFocus Poses  Model Set 49  Thank you Fabioss & Carol!

And now a closeup of the face, piercing, hair, eyes, & lips…

Photo taken @ Bassline.

Beanie – Maitreya  Unisex Beanie – wool black

ChokerParadisis  So Sexy Choker – white

TopCheeky @ Private Room Event  My Oops Shirt! – black  Available in three colors and each includes 3 bra colors.

Tattoo –  Tenjin  Let’s Pretend We’re Bunny Rabbits

WatchC&F on Marketplace  Bunny Watch – purple  Not available at the moment because Marketplace is being an ass. 😛

Nails & Rings –  Onyx Wear  Double Flick B&W Nails  Includes 2 versions, with or without rings.

ShortsDROP  Paisley Shorts for High Voltage Hunt (ends May 30th)  Free male/unisex item!

Shoes – Gos @ Culture Shock  Gators – white  The base white pair is a charity item and you must buy it to use any of the available color add-ons.  The color add-ons are $100 each and include a very easy to understand NC for adding them to the base pair.

Pose – Focus Poses  Model Set 57 *NEW*  Thank you Fabioss & Carol!

*Ears and belt are no longer available to my knowledge*

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