Newness: Freebies and Cheapies

This is just a bunch of new stuff I’ve found lately, no real theme or event just stuff you should probably go get.  =P

HairWasabi Pills @ Fantasy Faire  Teeloh – special FF2012 color *MESH*  Male and female versions along with special skins from Fallen Gods Inc. are available at all main landing points to decrease lag and they’re free.

HouseplantRustica @ Fantasy Faire  MESH Houseplant  Click on the plant at the faire and buy a copy for free.

Skin – The Sugar Garden  Chloe – alabaster frex & moles  Comes in 4 tones with frex, frex & moles, or clean face.  Each skin pack includes bust or normal, teeth or no teeth, and black, brown, and blonde brows options.

EarsPlastik  These were sold with a Lionheart skin, but she does sell others separately.

Piercings –  Cobrahive  Gauged  This store is closing in-world after April so start looking for them on Marketplace.  Other piercing no longer available.

MakeupNi.ju  Red Panda – green

Eyes – Mayfly  Deep Sky Eyes – sunfire and absinthe shadow *NEW* (sold separately) *MESH Prims*  This is the slightly darker version of the absinthe color, the more mysterious version.  =P  Thank you Keshie  ❤

Tattoo – Endless Pain Tattoos @ Kawaii Fair  Kawaii 1  This is ending soon, but the tattoos should move to the mainstore after the event hopefully.  C&F on Marketplace (hand tattoo)  Happy Face Tattoo  Part of a new release outfit from C&F, see picture below for more of this outfit.

DressGo!  Bloom Dress *MESH*  In-store group gift, group is free to join.  Includes 4 sizes.

BraceletLeo-NT  Spirit of Spring Bangles

Nails & Ring – no longer available

TailPanda Express  D+K Tail Bits – plain  Pera and Panda Express collaboration features 11 skin tones + 1 for tinting and the poofy hairball thingy has a bunch of color options too.  There’s also a striped version of the tail available and add-ons.

Socksen Svale  Free Knee Socks – olive  No group to join they’re just free on a table, pack includes olive, blue, pink, and purple.

Boots – Gos  MESH Triumph Boots – pink  I’m not going to lie, these are pricey, but they do have a lot of wear options.  You can wear just the foot part with jeans, you can also wear the boot up or folded down, and there’s also a non-rigged pair included in case none of the 5 included sizes fit.

OutfitC&F on Marketplace  Cute Outfit Nicole  Includes t-shirt, mesh baggies in 5 sizes, hand tattoo, shoes, and a few more items not shown all for $99.  This outfit is also kiddie and smaller av friendly.  Thank you Carolina ❤

Watch C&F on Marketplace   Bunny Watch – pink  This item is not scripted to tell time, but it sure is cute!  Thank you Carolina  ❤

Makeup – Rozena (eyeshadow)  Misty Eyeshadows – water

Gum – free from Leyla Firefly of Belle Belle if you im her and ask nicely

Socks – en Svale  Free Knee Socks – pink

Poses –  sr3d  50 Model Posepack  *New Location*  Thank You Ryz!  ❤

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