ZombiePopcorn Brand & Elymode

One of the reasons I like SL so much is because you can buy or build almost any house your little heart desires and set up your home any way you like without breaking your back moving things around.  This means I can also set a bed out in my yard without worrying about rain or hauling the damn thing back in the house.  =P  So that’s exactly what I did when I received this daybed from Dreamscapes Art Gallery only available at ZPB through April 28th.

Photos are by Fei Bourdeille, go check out all the pretty stuff on his Flickr!  ❤

DaybedDreamscapes Art Gallery @ ZPB  Romance Daybed  Seats 2, 24 single animations, and 8 couples animations.

OutfitElymode  Nelle Sweater Dress – lilac/lavendar  Dress includes socks in lavendar and lilac, can be worn with or without garters, and includes regular prim and mesh skirt attachments.  Dress is also available in other colors.

Nails & Ring – Gabriel  Cute Pearl Ring Nail Group gift, group is free to join with quite a few gifts out in-store.  Nails are texture change, silver, blue, and pink.

BootsHoorenbeek  Lucille Boots – coffee  Free in-store sub-o gift at the front of the store, but you must be subscribed for at least 15 days before you can get the current gift.  If you don’t want to wait you can always buy it at a discounted price ($200 I think).  There’s also a shirt for men.

Necklace – Ellabella @ ZPB  Phase – Brenda  Set includes necklace and earrings (not shown).  There is no white on this necklace, there are fullbright pieces which will appear white when using certain windlight settings.

Glasses – Epic  Kyoot Nerdy Glasses – white  In a gacha at the mainstore for $1.

Eyes – Mayfly  Deep Sky Eyes – sunfire and absinthe *NEW* (sold separately) *MESH Prims*  Absinthe is a new color, requested by me (YAY!) and exactly what I had in mind, a clear bright green.  If you like the color, but maybe want it toned down just a bit there is also a “shadow” version available. ❤ it Keshie thank you!

Piercings –  Cobrahive  Gauged  This store is closing in-world after April so start looking for them on Marketplace.  Hebenon Vial is gone so the other piercing and ears are no longer available.

Tattoo – Endless Pain Tattoos @ Kawaii Fair  Kawaii 1

BraSeldom Blue  Giselle Lingerie  Includes panties, stockings, and bow attachments.  Free in-store just find the bright pink flower, available through the 29th.

*Skin is by Glam Affair, but was a TDR special that is unfortunately no longer available and neither is the hair which is from Lala Moon.*

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