Kawaii Fair & Doughnuts

You may have noticed a few posts have been very bright lately and I’m always looking for more which is why I was so excited when I heard about the Kawaii Fair.  It finally started on the 14th, and so I went bravely fighting lag to feed my latest colorful addiction, but once the lag settled and prims rezzed I started to notice the kawaii missing from about half the stores.  Don’t misunderstand, some of the stores did a great job and totally represented their kawaii side, but others left me thinking that either they had no idea what kawaii was or they were a last minute add to the event.  Truthfully I would have had this same 50/50 hit or miss by sim hopping from store to store, but the whole reason for any event/fair is to promote a theme or idea and gather stores representing that all in one place which I feel the Kawaii Fair failed to do.  All that being said, if you are into kawaii fashion at all you should definitely stop by and support the stores that did get the theme and made some very cute stuff.  Also, a bunch of the shops put out freebies and/or dollarbies in gift boxes for you to grab while having a look around.

Picture taken at Poche Doughnut which is open through May 6th.

HairBC322 on Marketplace  Rainbow Cotton – blue  $1 only on Marketplace, you get the rainbow streaked version, and the plain blue version.

Glasses – Epic  Kyoot Nerdy Glasses – hot pink  In a gacha at the mainstore for $1.

Makeup – Rozena (eyeshadow)  Misty Eyeshadows – poison,  Mock (lipcolor)  Lucir Lipcolor – summer sky

Eyes – Pira Technologies on Marketplace  Rainbow  Eyes are animated, glowy, and come in all kinds of colors!  ♥  Unfotunately I could not find them in-world so I think you’re going to have to do your shopping on marketplace.

Piercings –  Cobrahive  Gauged  This store is closing in-world after April so start looking for them on Marketplace.  Hebenon Vial is gone so the other piercing and ears are no longer available.

Skin – The Sugar Garden  Chloe – alabaster frex & moles  Comes in 4 tones with frex, frex & moles, or clean face.  Each skin pack includes bust or normal, teeth or no teeth, and black, brown, and blonde brows options.

PoptartRotten Defiance @ Kawaii Fair  Happy Poptart!  Gacha item, but it’s in the shop not in the gacha area.

TattooEndless Pain Tattoos @ Kawaii Fair  Kawaii 1  This is one of 3 exclusive tattoos Endless has for Kawaii Fair all of them sooooooooo CUTE!

Dress/SweaterEnvyMe @ Kawaii Fair  Kawaii Dress – pink *MESH*  Also available in blue with pink trim.  LOVE this!

BaggiesC&F on Marketplace  MESH Baggys – leopard *New Release*  No in-world store, but her baggies are only $65, include 5 sizes, and are just short enough that you can wear almost any kind of shoe or low boot with them.  Baggies also available in dots, vintage, classic, and striped.  Thank you Carolina  ❤

BagTentacio @ Kawaii Fair  Travel Bag  This is one of the many freebies at the fair.

Nails – Mad Echo  Hey Panda Short Nails  Cute and only $10!

Tights/LeggingsAnti-Social @ Kawaii Fair (inside the CStar shop)  Kawaii Leggings – clouds  Four designs/colors available.

ShoesPython Mesh  MetroFlying – purple *Unrigged MESH*  Free on lucky board, seven lucky boards that change every 5 minutes and one that changes every 30 minutes.

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