Om nom

I’m a little late to the party this time with most of this stuff being all over the blogs already, but damnit I feel pretty!  Oh, and I set up my new house last night so this is the first pic I’ve gotten to take there, sooooo happy with how it’s coming along!

HairTruth  Bunny fatpack  Free in the sub-o, subscribe then click it again to look at history and the hair is attached to the April 8th entry.

Hairband/BowY&R on Marketplace  Big Bow Hairband (special color)  This dollarbie is only on Marketplace while other colors are at the mainstore.  I did mod this to match my outfit, the original color is more of a dark gold.

Ears & Piercing –  Hebenon Vial  Pierced! Ears [Oh Snap Pack]  and The Minimalist  Items are sold separately.  Store is still there as of this post and everything is $30 until Hebenon Vial disappears from SL.

MakeupMOCK  Pandora’s Gingersnaps & Champange  Includes lashes, eyeshadow, and lips.  This will always be free on the counter since someone stole it and tried to sell it as their own.

Doughnut ON A STEEEEEEEEEK!PocheSugar  Chocolate Doughnut  $10 gacha in the CUTEST doughnut shop ever!  Lots of freebies around the shop too.

Skin – The Sugar Garden  Chloe -alabaster frex & moles  Comes in 4 tones with frex, frex & moles, or clean face.  Each skin pack includes bust or normal, teeth or no teeth, and black, brown, and blonde brows options.

Eyes – Mayfly  Deep Sky Eyes – sunfire and spring field (sold separately) *MESH Prims*  The spring field color is out as part of the ZombiePopcorn Collection for April.

NecklaceKosh  Angel Key Necklace

OutfitSakide  French Spring Outfit – cream  for the Fashioncentric Hi5 Hunt  Prize also includes outfit in almond AND lingerie versions of both complete with socks and shoes.

Bracelets & Ring – Mandala   Pearl Rain Bracelet – white, Milky Way Nails & Rings – polly white (ring only)

Nails – EY:NO  French Long Nails & Leo-Bow Rings (nails only)

Chair – Atelier Kreslo  Painter’s Chair – worn *MESH*  Collaboration between Cheeky Pea and Olive Juice only available this month.  Available in 6 colors for $99 each and include 6 brand new poses.  Chairs are copy.

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