March Wrap-Up

Why yes this is one of those posts that encourage you to move your ass before this stuff is gone <add echoey voice effect here> FOREVER!!!

First up is Modish, a pretty nice skin store in my opinion that will not break the bank every time you want a new look.  If you’ve never tried a Modish skin now is an excellent time since the store is currently in about 5 hunts, but most of them end soon so GO!  Below is just two of the skins available, the first is in The Fashionista Hunt (which ends the 31st) and is a very natural, every day sort of skin.  The second skin is the March group gift (group is free to join) that I am totally in love with.  I adore the bright pink and orange makeup on this skin because as bright as it is it still manages to not be overdone or clownish.

SkinModish  for The Fashionista Hunt

Hair BowY&R  Big Bow Hairband – black

HairMagika  Dare – trio pack *MESH*  NEW!  I’m not sure if it’s a spring/Easter thing or if she’s inventing another color pack, but so far only this hair comes in the “trio” pack.  The pack includes 4 variations with 3 colors each covering roots, length, and tips.

Eye MakeupNi.ju @ RMK Gothik  Hime-Yu Alice  Bunny Hunt prize includes prim lashes and the blue & black eye makeup.  Bunny Hunt ends March 31st.  Chase the bunnies, buy and “take” the tickets, redeem at the various stores on the sim.

PiercingHebenon Vial   Liquid Silver & Ink  Still open for the moment and everything is $30 until the store’s gone.

Skin – Modish  March in-store group gift.  Group is free to join, but this skin will be gone very soon so go get it NOW!

HairWasabi Pills  Kumi Pony MESH Hair – candies pack  OMG IT’S SOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! I looooooooooooove it!

EyesMayfly  Deep Sky Eyes – sunfire and glacial dusk (sold separately) *MESH Prims*  The sunfire pair is a new color, very bright and very orange.  The system eyes and mesh prims are sold separately so unless you plan to do a bi-color look like this the system eyes look awesome with or without the prims.

Picture taken @ MaxStudio sim.

DressWorld’s End Garden @ RMK Gothik  Alice for the Bunny Hunt (ends March 31st)  Dress includes socks and collar.  The skirt is long on the sides and back, but the front is mini-skirt short for an ero-lolli look.

TattoosSalt and Pepper (hands)  part of Emo Princess, group gift for March.  I think the group is $50 or $100 to join, not too expensive and she does have monthly gifts.  Glue Ink (upper)  Yo Dude Full Health!  *NEW* Group gift, group is free to join.

Nails & Rings – WTG @ RMK Gothik  Ribbon Alice  Bunny Hunt prize  Prize includes Chesire Cat bag.

Bracelets/CuffsWTG  The Chesire Cat Wrist Belts  Only available in the Mini Mania board upstairs.

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