Collabor88 for March

Yes, there is reason to look forward to the 8th of every month and that reason is known as Collabor88.  If you haven’t visited before, Collabor88 is a collective of some of the best stores on SL all putting out exclusive items in one place for a month at a time.  For those watching their lindens this is definitely the place to hit as most items are $88 with a few $188 and $288 items thrown in there depending on the store and item.

Anyway, what drew my attention this month was the offerings from Hucci, the O-Floral Maxi Dress, Heritage Romper, and Vintage Wedge shoes.  All three are MESH (try demos), come in various colors, and gave me an instant 70s vibe so I ran with it.  Oh, by the way check out the EarthStones jewelry right next to the Hucci stuff, they go great together!

HairShag  Pussy Galore – fade to black pack  Could there be a more perfect 70s hair?

SunglassesChrysalis @ Marketplace  Sunglasses – brown  Promo offer only available on Marketplace.  There’s brown, black, and a pink/white pair all $50 each.

Eyes – Mayfly  Deep Sky Eyes – glacial dusk *MESH*  This is or was their group gift, might have changed by now.  Group is free to join.

Ears – (Red) Mint  Down Royal Fae Elf Ears *available with any hair (F) No. 6 pack*

Skin – Curio  Pout – Tantrum bean (dark)

Cleavage – Curio  Cleavage Option 3 – bean [dark]

Makeup –  Mock  Opal Lipcolor – dusty grey

Tattoo – Tenjin  Thistle Goddess  Full body tattoo, includes fresh and faded versions.

NecklaceEarthStones @ Collabor88  Neisha Necklace – Paua MoP  Necklaces come in various color combinations, matching earrings are also available, but sold separately.

Dress – Hucci @ Collabor88  O-Floral Maxi Dress – Cockatoo *MESH*  Available in 6 colors.

Shoes – Hucci @ Collabor88  Vintage Wedge – Moonglow *MESH*  Various colors avilable.

Nails – Mandala  Milky Way Nails & Rings – white

Bracelets/Cuffs – Mandala  Reiki Bracelet – silver  Includes stone and diamond versions and the set I bought on Marketplace includes both male and female sizes, probably sold separately in-store.

Pose –  sr3d  50 Model Posepack  Thank You Ryz!  ❤  He said something about moving locations soon so stay tuned for new LM!

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