At the Zombie Market with the Twisted Bunny Brigade

Sooooo, the title?  I was bored so I made up my own game where I had to use one word from every event, hunt, and sale I visited to complete this look, and I still missed two!  I have items from the ZombiePopcorn Brand event, FTLO Black Market sale, the Twisted Hunt, the Bunny Hunt @ RMK Gothik,  Stumblebum Brigade event, Virtual Insanity 3 Year Anniversary event, and the Visual Hunt all in this post!

First off, this RMK Gothik outfit called Prince of Heart is their prize in the Bunny Hunt.  I believe this is more for males, but it fits me pretty great and comes with a ton of pieces and options.  The Bunny Hunt is an RMK Gothik sim hunt with most stores there participating.  If you love the lolli/dolly look or are just a huge Alice in Wonderland fan you will want to do this hunt as all prizes are Wonderland/Underland themed.  This hunt is a little different than most, find one of the bunnies hopping all over the sim, and stay with it until it drops prize tickets.  Remember to “buy” the ticket and then click on it again to “take” it, if you do not “take” the ticket it will not be in your inventory!  To claim the prize you must wear the ticket, go to the right store on the sim, and click the book.

Hair – Boon  IAH431 Hair – red/pink/green pack

Ears – (Red) Mint  Down Royal Fae Elf Ears *available with any hair (F) No. 6 pack*

Makeupni.ju(eyes)  Rejected for Visual Hunt  Includes 2 versions with either eye or both eyes options.  Acid & Mala @ FTLO Black Market(lips)  Lipstick – Crazy Colors  Six color pack includes 2 lip sizes and with/without teeth versions.

Eye PatchDilly Dolls  Hearts Eyepatch – black & white for Twisted Hunt  I ❤ these!  Prize includes 6 eye patches, 2 flower, 2 domino, and 2 heart in various color combos.

EyesInsufferable Dastard  Beach Eyes – pack 2 for Stumblebum Brigade  Each pack comes with an orange and yellow version and prims for both.

Piercing – Mad Echo  Abbey Piercing

CigaretteVirtual Insanity  Tweedle Ciggies  Join the sub-o and do the mini-sim hunt celebrating the store’s 3rd Anniversary to get this for free, ends March 9th.

Boots – Tonktastic  Resistance Boots  (unisex, including female + male versions)

PosePurple Poses @ ZPB *New Location*  Dita set  Includes 10 poses.

Shape and skin are no longer available*

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