Going retro with ZombiePopcorn Brand

To continue from my last post, the second wave of ZPB is on for February.  It started the 17th and will run through March 4th.  All items are exclusive to the ZombiePopcorn Brand event and will not be available in the mainstores until after it’s over.

ZombiePopcorn Brand Items

Necklace – Ci Co  Precious – river  Includes matching earrings (not shown).

Dress – Koketka  Cocktail Dress  Includes a tummy tucking alpha for a very nice silhouette and fit.

Boots & Socks – Paper Doll  SeattleBoots – red  12 sock textures to choose from.

Makeup (can be seen in bottom picture) – Pin me Down  Makeup Set 7 (the little black dots along the temples)  4 unique black makeup add-ons for those looking for something a little different.

Everything Else

HairLeLutka  AWE Hair – irishred  Was Sub-o Christmas gift, but it’s probably still in there until they change it out, includes 7 colors with little mesh tiara that can be easily hidden with some editing.

SkinAura  Helena-Love Notes – paper (special tone)  VIP in-store group gift.  Group is $250 to join, but this skin, available in 2 tones, is worth more than that, and she drops group gifts pretty frequently.

Eyes – Acid & Mala  Winter Eyes – husky  Includes prims.

Sunglasses – Lapointe & Bastchild  Exotique Sunglasses

Ears – (Red) Mint  Down Royal Fae Elf Ears *available with any hair (F) No. 6 pack*

CigaretteVirtual Insanity  Lucky Stroke Ciggies  Includes 4 filter textures in smoked and unlit versions.  A bunch of different packs of these are available.

Nails – Mandala  Milky Way Nails & Rings – red

RingsNeedful Things (left)  Iceberry Rings  In-store group gift, group is $70 to join.  Mandala (right)  Milky Way Nails & Rings – gaga black

*Shape are no longer available to my knowledge*

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