[AD] @ ZombiePopcorn Brand

The second wave of ZPB starts today and I will show you some of the other great items in the next post, but for now I’m going to focus on the offering from [AD] Creations aka Aliza Karu.  This look combines rigged mesh, unrigged mesh, and sculpties, putting all to very good use if you ask me.

Face Bandage[AD] Creations  Eye Love Bandage – eyes mouth (modded)  There is also a simpler version available just covering the eye.

Outfit[AD] Creations @ZPB  Vestaila  *CONTAINS MESH PIECES*  Includes dress, sleeves, shoes, hand roses, stockings, corsage, and mask (not shown).

EyesRepulse  Infected v2 Eyes (clean) for Jack or Jill Hunt  Prize also includes a bloody version. (male path)

Piercings – HoD  Lisbeth Piercing & Makeup Set

Ears – (Red) Mint  Down Royal Fae Elf Ears *available with any hair (F) No. 6 pack*

Hair – Magpie @ Juicy Crush On You   Don’t Call Me Baby – mushroom  In the dollarbie box at their stand along with matching hairbase and 2 other hairs in mushroom. (ends February 18th)

Collar – Scrub  Dollar Rosary Collar  Lace is texture change.

SocksRazorblade Jacket  Dozen Ugly Girl Socks  Lots of patterns to pick from in this pack of 12.

*Skin and shape are no longer available to my knowledge*

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