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It’s almost Valentine’s Day and for me in SL that means I start pulling out the bloody human hearts stored away in my inventory.  I might, just maybe have issues with this stupid holiday.  So this year I came up with my own Valentine’s mascot instead of the creepy manbaby with wings.  She’s cute and sweet, but if you offer her your heart and it’s untrue she’ll rip it from your chest and feast on it right in front of your dying eyes.

HoodieToxic Kitty  Vday Beastie  for My Rotting Valentine Hunt

Hair(red) Mint  Hair No.20  In-store group gift available until Feb. 15th.

EyesInsufferable Dastard  Lovestruck Set for ZPH  Set also includes makeup (not shown).

SkinDamned @ ZombiePopcorn Brand (this is not the hunt)  Selene SpecialEdition 02  Available in 4 tones, each tone includes with and without cleavage options.

Piercing  – HoD  Lisbeth Piercing & Makeup Set

HeartDeath Row Designs  eatyourheart for MRVH  Heart beats and drips blood, bloody mouth tattoo layer included.

Necklace – Paradisis @ Valentine Market  A Valentine Day Necklace  Sold separately or with outfit.

PantiesDamned  HeartPanties – pink for ZPH  Prize includes 5 colors.

NailsVirtual Insanity  Pop’N’Gun Nails for ZPH  Male and female sizes included.

RingNox  Quit Playin Games With My Heart [checkerboard] for MRVH  Includes left and right hand rings, prize also includes ear plugs (not shown).

SocksSevered Garden  for ZPH  Prize includes matching ballet shoes (not shown).

Boots – Severed Garden  Zuffy Boots  There’s 13 boot colors, 8 sock colors, 12 lace colors, and 4 pon pon colors all HUD controlled.

Shape and tattoo are no longer available to my knowledge.

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