ZombiePopcorn Hunt 6 officially started at 1pm SLT yesterday, so yes I’m late.  This has been my favorite hunt since the very first one, awesome gifts, fun name, and the cutest (and maybe the most recognizable) hunt object on SL.  Starting location is Quarantine and you have until the 15th to gather all the goodies.  Below are just a few items from the hunt with plenty more to come.

ZPH Items

HatY&R  Bloody Beanie  Prize also includes Zombie Head Beanie.

HairPocket Mirrors  Melvin – black  This is the male hair, prize also includes a female hair.

Sweater/CardiganPumpkin  Unbuttoned Cardigan *MESH*  Included is 2 female and male sizes.

Everything Else

Ears – (Red) Mint  Down Royal Fae Elf Ears *only available with hair (F) No. 6*

Eyes – Acid & Mala  Winter Eyes – husky  Includes prims.

Piercing  – HoD  Lisbeth Piercing & Makeup Set

TattooEndless Pain Tattoos  Jill Hunt Tattoo for JorJH (female path)

NecklaceKOSH  Shane Necklace for Jack or Jill Hunt  Includes male and female sizes. (male path)

TopOnyx Wear  T-shirt “Live Free” for JorJH  Prize includes 3 t-shirts on all layers. (female path)

Bracelets/CuffsBlitzed  Legacy Cuffs

RingBarbie Bitch  Exclusive Ring for JorJH  (female path)

Nails – EY:NO  French Long Nails & Leo-Bow Rings

PantsDROP  Bleach – skinny pants for JorJH  Also includes a t-shirt.  (male path)

ShoesRaw House  Jays Shoes  With or without socks option and everything is texture change.

OutfitIlaya  Sporty Snake Bitch for ZombiePopcorn Hunt 6

Armwarmers – Maitreya  Maitreya Armwarmers – black

Pose –  sr3d  50 Model Posepack  Thank You Ryz!  ❤

Skin and shape are past hunt items and no longer available to my knowledge.

Big heaping piles of thanks go out to the designers and Jenica for keeping this hunt one of the best around!  <333333333333

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