Preview: Jack or Jill Hunt

Depraved Nation’s (Razorblade Jacket) new hunt kicks off tomorrow, February 1st.  The Jack or Jill Hunt will be a split path hunt with the “Jack” path offering up guy stuff and “Jill” being for the girls.  Quite a few of the stores are covering both paths so everyone’s sure to get something they want.  Below is just a couple of the things you will find.

Jack or Jill Items

OutfitSakide  Gangster Girl Outfit  Includes pinstripe jeans, button down shirts in red and grey, MESH bicolor platforms in grey and red, and fedoras with red and grey bands. (Jill path)

SkinSugar  Cry My Heart Out Skins  Includes 4 tones, with and without cleavage. (Jill path)

TattooEndless Pain Tattoos  Jack Hunt Tattoo  Includes darker and lighter versions, store also has a Jill path gift. (Jack path)

*Please remember that hunt items will not be available until February 1st*

Everything Else

Hat/Hair – (red) Mint  Hair No. 16 (F) – blacks  Hat is texture change and “mood” badge is changeable with HUD.

Eyes – Damned  Cyber PuzzleDoll Eyes  Includes small and large versions with glow and regular prims.

Ears – Plastik  This particular pair came with a Lionheart skin, but she sells others separately.

Piercings – HoD  Lisbeth Piercing & Makeup Set, Pekka  Omni Piercing

CollarScrub  Dollar Rosary Collar  Lace is texture change.

Nails – Mandala  Milky Way Nails & Rings – red

GlovesLouLou&Co.  included with the Crepuscule Bracelets

Bracelets/CuffsGabriel(left)  Orion Hand Belt Set  Group gift, includes brown version.  Amorous(right)  You  Free at mainstore location.

Rings –  (red) Mint (left)  past group gift (also available with her rings & bangles packs), Kosh @ Depraved Nation(right)  Raised Moon Ring  On sale during Depraved City Riot which ends today.

Pose –  sr3d  Lucky 13 Pack  Thank You Ryz!  ❤

Shape is no longer available to my knowledge.

A big thank you to Kehl and Heather for keeping these hunts going and keeping them some of the most well organized hunts I’ve done.  Also big hugs to all the designers and their creativity that keeps me hunting every month. <33333

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