Horror Haute @ Aliza Karu (AD Creations)

The January edition of Horror Haute starts up soon, January 25th – 31st.  I’m not exactly sure how I got so lucky, but I received the AD Creations entry for this sales event early so thank you Aliza ❤  The outfit is called Balance, it will be $200 during Horror Haute, and even though I’ve never seen menswear from Aliza this outfit strikes me as very unisex.  Balance includes lashes (which I’m not wearing in either pic below), a face tattoo layer (which makes me think faintly of Blade Runner), a shirt layer (which is basically straps and sleeves and continues the face tattoo), pants (which look poured on), gloves, hat/crown (so much lovely detail in the swirls), and 2 jacket versions (with and without the swirls in front), all of it in a beautiful black latex/PVC shiny texture.

My first look, “anime princess” is using the entire outfit (sans lashes).

Hair – A&Y Bunker  Aeon – blue  Includes 2 bang versions and streak texture menu.

Eye Patch – BND  Flower Eye Patch b&w  I couldn’t find this in her mainstore so the link is to Marketplace.

Eyes – Repulse  Living Dead Eyes

Piercing  – HoD  Lisbeth Piercing & Makeup Set

Ears – Gauze  Willow Ear =Jewelry:Acorn – natural 2 pack  This is the version without jewelry, you get both versions.

SkinJesylilo  OlegDou – Gostton J9

CollarRoots  from the dress 00D10002

TattooPlastik  Tribal Tattoo  Past Lazy Sunday item, still available at the mainstore on one of the accessories floors.

Claws –  Virtual Insanity  Kitty Galore Sharp Claws  (8 colors, texture change)

Rings – (red) Mint  past group gift (also available with her rings & bangles packs)

Boots – Plastik  Arke Boots – glimmer (color no longer available)  These things come with sooooo many options, tall, basic, clunky heel, spikes, AND a HUD with tons of textures for the spikes and sole.

And here’s the back of the outfit so you can see the lacing is on the back and front, very sexy!  I was hoping to show more detail, but there’s only so much I can do when everything is black, you’ll see it when you wear it.  =P

Here’s my second look, it’s a more fetish/post apocalyptic vibe using the face tattoo, shirt layer, and the pants.

Hat/Hair – (red) Mint  Hair No. 16 (F) – neutrals *NEW*  Hat is texture change and “mood” badge is changeable with HUD.

Face MaskF@C  Malice  There is chains on this, but once I turned up my graphics they completely disappeared.  By the way, SL NEEDS MORE DECORATIVE FACE MASKS PLEASE!!!  See video below for rl inspiration.  Actually if anyone makes anything based off this video I’d be pretty interested  =D

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