It’s early here and my brain refuses to come up with a name for this post so I named it after The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo main character because I can totally see her wearing this (in the original swedish version anyway).

HairTameless Hair  Norine – blacks and whites *New Release*  New to me hair shop and I’m a sucker for short, cute hairstyles.

EyesDamned  Cyber PuzzleDoll Eyes  Includes small and large versions with glow and regular prims.  These are my new favorite eyes so you’ll be seeing them pop up in quite a few future posts!

SkinPlastik  Ataciara-Melody- Killer  was included in one of the last FLF boxes

Piercing  – HoD  Lisbeth Piercing & Makeup Set

MouthieLouLou&Co.  Mouthchain – Voodoo – black  In one of the gachas.

LipstickAcid & Mala  Nature Lips – iced purple for A Depraved & Desolate Winter Hunt  Includes different opacities and with/without teeth versions.

Ears – Gauze  Willow Ear =Jewelry:Acorn – natural 2 pack  This is the version without jewelry, you get both versions. Available in natural, natural 2, and drow texture packs, copy/mod.

HoodieRoots  00T10015  Includes hood, both set of sleeve cuffs, nipple and normal versions, and handwraps with or without chains.

Gloves/ArmwarmersRazorblade Jacket  part of Bitchin Outfit

NecklaceA BirdSong  My Black Heart Necklace for A Depraved & Desolate Winter Hunt

Rings – (red) Mint  past group gift (also available with her rings & bangles packs)

NailsAdoness  Basic Nails – blue pack

PantsAtomic  Skinny Jeans – stoned

BootsCoco  Engineer Boots – black

Pose –  sr3d  Sassy Pack  Thank You Ryz!  ❤

Tattoo, Belt, and Shape are all past hunt prizes and no longer available to my knowledge.

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