Even if I manage to get in another post before Christmas it probably will not be Christmas themed so here you go.  Have fun and remember to drop the sharp implements before fighting with family!  =P

Hat/HairSevered Garden  Priska Hair  Hat and hair are texture change by HUD, 6 hair colors and 7 hat colors.

Ears – Gauze  Willow Ear =Jewelry:Acorn – natural 2 pack  Includes with and without jewelry versions, jewelry changes colors randomly.  Available in natural, natural 2, and drow texture packs, copy/mod.

Eyes – no longer available (were exclusive to Dark Magic Winter event)

MakeupDamned  DWinter Makeup (lips & eyes) for Where Is…Hunt

SkinPloom @ KittyCats Advent Calendar  Snow Kitten in vanilla and cream tones  Calendar is completely free, you can grab all the gifts you missed, and there’s more than kitty gifts here obviously.  I do have to admit I did end up buying a cat my second time here though.  lol

CleavageCurio  Cleavage Option 3  So apparently moonbeam (dark) will go with Ploom’s vanilla tone very well.

PiercingPekka  Xmas Piercing for Where Is…Hunt

Shape – Le*se  for Where is…Hunt  The cutest face I’ve ever seen AND it’s mod!

Christmas StockingEpic  Liquor Baddie Stocking Nom  This is one of many group gifts this month, more noms, dresses, Santa hats, and huggies under the Christmas tree.

Necklace & RingsNeedful Things  The Santa Sheep Set for Where Is…Hunt

NailsMandala on Marketplace  Milky Way Nails & Rings – polly white  Milky Way Nails & Rings are $97, but only on Marketplace.

Top/SweaterLuTimez  Winter Sweater for Where Is…Hunt

PantiesSakide @ Naughty & Depraved Gacha Street Fair  Xmas Slide em Off Panties  Gacha Fair is on through Dec. 31st.

Belt – Blitzed  Bug Belt  (includes male & female fit)

Pants – Loop  Charmed – washed  (Comes with a black tank, and includes 6 different pant layers to match the texture change overpants.  Texture change menu is in the shirt prim)

BootsGos @ KittyCats Advent Calendar  Slouch Boots – festive 4 pack  Pack includes silver, gold, red tartan, and green argyle.

PoseDiesel Works  Christmas present from Diesel Works  Box is by the Christmas tree, includes 1 couple, 3 male, and 3 female poses.

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