Depraved & Desolate, but still pretty!

So I have just a few preview items from the upcoming Depraved & Desolate Hunt that starts December 15th, a few other things from ongoing hunts, and a few more things from various events going on around the grid.

First, I know most of you have seen the DollCoCo avs, but since I’m not ready to move to mesh quite yet the OlegDou skins from Jesylilo @ Winter Fair are a very nice alternative that you can wear all your clothes with not just special mesh outfits made for the doll av.  The skins do not have doll joints, but I never really wanted them anyway.  =P  Each OlegDou skin comes with a different makeup, pair of eyes, and they all include a no mod, very doll-like shape, but only available in this porcelain tone for now.  Below I’m wearing OlegDou Goston J9, but not the shape or eyes that came with it.

Hat/HairPepper  Bobble Cap Hair – plain  Includes a matching texture change scarf (both have 13 textures) and hair in platinum, chocolate, & black.  There is also a stripes version available.

EarsGauze  Willow Ear =Jewelry:Acorn – natural 2 pack  Includes with and without jewelry versions, jewelry changes colors randomly.  Available in natural, natural 2, and drow texture packs, copy/mod.

EyesEvil Bunneh  Liquid Crystal Eyes – topaz

Eye MakeupDamned  DWinter Makeup for Where Is…Hunt

PiercingHoD  Omega Nose Gauge Set for A Very Rotten Christmas Hunt

Keychain MouthieAtypical  Kawaii Riceball Keychain for Kawaii Hunt

TattooSalt and Pepper  Kawaii Paradise Tattoo for Kawaii Hunt

NecklaceJust You Jewels  Necklace Spiral for Desolate & Depraved Hunt (starts the 15th)

TopHolli Pocket  Cover Up Cowl – stripe beige for Depraved & Desolate Hunt

PantsRaw Static  Denim for Depraved & Desolate Hunt  Includes 2 kinds of cuffs, tank top, and a male version.

BeltPepper @ FTLO Black Market  Pieces Belt Xmas  Everything at the Black Market this time around is transfer so if you’re buying presents this is a great place to check out.

Nails – Adoness  Basic – earth pack

Rings – (red) Mint  past group gift (also available with her rings & bangles packs)

SheepNeedful Things  Just Love Me Sheep group gift  Group is $70 to join but she has gifts laying across 2 counters already and always adding more.

Legwarmers/HoovesEpic  Knit Digi Warmers – white  Includes brown & black hoof versions along with brown and black front ties versions.

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